15 Top WordPress eCommerce Themes (Ranked)

15 Top WordPress eCommerce Themes (Ranked)

Are you searching for the best WordPress eCommerce themes to get your online store up and running?

Not every WordPress theme is equipped to handle eCommerce out of the box. A theme might not work well with essential eCommerce plugins and extensions without the right support.

However, with the right WordPress eCommerce themes, setting up your digital storefront becomes straightforward.

These themes are crafted to work flawlessly with a wide range of eCommerce tools, allowing you to showcase and sell your products easily.

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In this article, we’ll explore some of the top WordPress eCommerce themes that can help you turn your dream of an online shop into a reality.

The Benefits of Using a WordPress eCommerce Theme

Choosing the right WordPress eCommerce theme for your online store is more than just about looks. It’s about making your business journey smoother and more successful.

Here’s why picking a specialized WordPress eCommerce theme can make a big difference:

  • Easy setup: These themes are designed with eCommerce in mind, meaning you can set up your store quickly without fussing over technical details.
  • Built-in features: From product displays to checkout processes, eCommerce themes come packed with all the essential features you need to start selling.
  • Responsive design: With mobile shopping on the rise, having a theme that looks great on all devices is crucial. eCommerce themes are responsive, ensuring your store is mobile-friendly.
  • Customization options: Want your store to stand out? eCommerce themes offer various theme customization options, allowing you to tailor your site’s look and feel to match your brand.
  • SEO friendly: These themes are built to be SEO friendly, helping your store rank higher in search results and attract more customers.
  • Speed optimized: A fast-loading website provides a better user experience and can help boost sales. eCommerce themes are optimized for speed, ensuring your customers don’t bounce because of slow load times.
  • Support and updates: With a dedicated eCommerce theme, you’ll receive regular updates and support from the theme developers, keeping your store running smoothly and securely.

Choosing an eCommerce theme for your WordPress site sets the foundation for a successful online store, blending aesthetics with functionality for the best user experience.

Top WordPress eCommerce Themes

1. Divi


In the bustling world of online retail, your eCommerce site needs to do more than just showcase your products. It must captivate, impress, and offer an unparalleled user experience.

Enter Divi, a theme that marries functionality with sheer beauty, making it a powerhouse for any online store. Known for its flexibility and popularity, Divi is a top choice for creating an engaging shopping environment.

Its integration with WooCommerce, through the included plugin, elevates your site from a mere online catalog to a dynamic selling platform.

The Divi Builder, a native drag-and-drop page builder, places you in the designer’s seat, allowing for custom layouts with endless possibilities.

Why we recommend Divi:
Divi is the Swiss Army knife of WordPress eCommerce themes, adaptable to any online business’s needs.

Its rich customization options via the Divi Builder make it ideal for entrepreneurs who want hands-on control over their site’s design without diving into code.

Whether you’re launching a new online shop or revamping an existing one, Divi’s blend of user-friendly features and aesthetic flexibility makes it a prime choice.

It’s especially recommended for those who value a unique brand identity and seek to stand out in a crowded market.

Get started with Divi today!

2. Astra


Astra takes the spotlight as a sleek, free WordPress theme that fully embraces WooCommerce, making it a dream come true for online store owners seeking a blend of simplicity and flexibility.

With its modern homepage layout peppered with multiple widget-ready areas, Astra makes content arrangement easy with a drag-and-drop.

Compatibility with all popular WordPress page builder plugins means easily customizing your site’s layout without coding.

Astra’s feather-light footprint truly sets it apart, requiring less than 50KB of resources, ensuring lightning-fast loading times — a crucial factor in keeping potential customers engaged.

Astra offers pre-built designs for quick setup and opens the door to extensive customization for those who wish to craft their store from the ground up.

Why we recommend Astra:
Astra is the go-to theme for entrepreneurs eager to launch their online store or revitalize an existing one with a fresh, fast-loading design.

Its unmatched speed, extensive customization options, and SEO-friendly features make Astra particularly appealing to newcomers.

If performance and ease of use are atop your list of criteria, Astra is the theme for you.

Get started with Astra today!

3. SeedProd

SeedProd Home

SeedProd emerges not just as a theme but as a comprehensive website builder, revolutionizing how eCommerce websites are crafted.

It stands out by offering an extensive collection of pro page blocks—think animated headlines, countdown timers, opt-in forms, and much more—allowing for creating a custom site tailored exactly to your vision.

SeedProd offers over 80 theme templates, continuously expanding to jumpstart your design process.

Its user-friendly, drag-and-drop editor makes customization accessible to everyone, eliminating the need for a professional designer or the hassle of coding—though the option for custom HTML is there if you need it.

Beyond its design capabilities, SeedProd impresses with practical features like built-in coming soon, maintenance mode, and 404 pages, along with a plethora of integrations.

Its designs are 100% mobile responsive, ensuring your site looks great on any device, and the code is optimized for speed, avoiding any unnecessary bloat.

Why we recommend SeedProd:
SeedProd is ideal for those who want complete creative control over their site’s design without delving into code.

Whether you’re a beginner building your first online store or an experienced entrepreneur redesigning your digital presence, SeedProd’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder and vast array of templates offer a flexible and user-friendly solution.

Its emphasis on customization and speedy, responsive designs make SeedProd a top choice for anyone serious about crafting a unique and efficient eCommerce platform.

Get started with SeedProd today!

4. Neve

WordPress eCommerce Themes - Neve

Neve is a classic yet versatile WooCommerce theme that caters to a wide range of eCommerce needs.

It’s celebrated for its rapid loading times and a robust set of features designed to streamline the creation of any online shop.

From the get-go, Neve sets itself apart with a selection of starter sites, making the initial setup of your eCommerce platform a breeze.

For those who crave customization, Neve’s compatibility with premium page builders, like Beaver Builder and Elementor, ensures that tailoring your site to your specific needs is straightforward and hassle-free.

Neve is mobile-ready and AMP compatible, guaranteeing that your site looks and functions flawlessly across all devices.

It’s also translation-ready and supports RTL languages, making it an excellent choice for a global audience.

Why we recommend Neve:
Neve is a perfect match for anyone from bloggers and small business owners to startups and agencies looking to establish or expand their online presence.

Its swift performance and extensive customization options make Neve a wise choice for those prioritizing speed, SEO, and mobile responsiveness.

Get started with Neve today!

5. Shoppe

WordPress eCommerce Themes - Shoppe

Shoppe is a highly customizable WooCommerce WordPress theme, making it a prime pick for those venturing into online stores, eCommerce, fashion, and lifestyle domains.

It boasts features designed to enhance the shopping experience, including a speedy product search, ajax shopping cart, wishlist, quick look lightbox, and product image zoom.

Why we recommend Shoppe:
For entrepreneurs and business owners diving into the eCommerce world, Shoppe offers a blend of advanced functionality and ease of use.

Its customization capabilities, courtesy of the Themify Builder, allow for crafting unique store layouts without a steep learning curve.

This theme suits those looking to create a compelling, user-friendly shopping environment focusing on fashion and lifestyle markets.

Get started with Shoppe today!

6. Storefront


Storefront is a stellar, free WordPress theme specifically crafted for WooCommerce stores.

Its development by the teams behind WordPress and WooCommerce ensures seamless integration and a hassle-free experience for setting up your online shop.

Why we recommend Storefront:
Storefront is ideal for eCommerce entrepreneurs seeking a free, straightforward, reliable theme that aligns perfectly with WooCommerce.

Its simplicity and various layout and color customization options make it a fitting choice for those who want their online store to look and feel unique without delving into complex configurations.

Get started with Storefront today!

7. Hellomouse

Hellomouse by CSSIgnighter

Hellomouse captivates with its minimalist, grid-style layout, offering an elegant solution for those who want their content—be it photos, blog posts, portfolios, or products—to stand out in a sleek, organized manner.

Whether you’re showcasing a portfolio, running a blog, or displaying products, Hellomouse’s grid layout puts your content front and center in an eye-catching way.

Why we recommend Hellomouse:
Its easy customizer tool allows for quick adjustments to layout, fonts, and colors, making it a breeze to align your website’s design with your brand identity.

This theme perfectly matches creatives and eCommerce store owners who prioritize a clean, modern aesthetic.

Get started with Hellomouse today!

8. Ultra


Ultra shines as an all-purpose WordPress theme, celebrated for its versatile options and stunning modern designs.

It stands out with its array of ready-made websites, including an eCommerce setup, which can be deployed with a single click.

For those seeking flexibility and elegance in their online presence, Ultra offers a comprehensive solution.

Why we recommend Ultra:
Ultra’s appeal lies in the ease of launching a sophisticated eCommerce site, thanks to pre-designed templates that require only content replacement.

Ultra suits businesses aiming for a professional yet customizable web presence with features like pricing tables, various header styles, contact forms, and photo galleries.

Get started with Ultra today!

9. OceanWP


OceanWP is a fan favorite in the WordPress community, not just for its free basic templates but also for its visually appealing WooCommerce storefront integration.

With its lightweight architecture, high customizability, and extendability, OceanWP offers a solid foundation for anyone looking to create a professional, polished website that’s easy to manage.

This versatility makes it an excellent choice for various website projects.

Why we recommend OceanWP:
OceanWP is the go-to theme for eCommerce store owners who desire a beautiful online presence without high costs.

Its compatibility with major page builders like Divi and Beaver Builder ensures smooth design and integration processes, making it suitable for blogs, agencies, portfolios, and small businesses.

Get started with OceanWP today

10. Botiga

WordPress eCommerce themes

Botiga is a sleek, modern WooCommerce theme designed to showcase and highlight your products elegantly.

Its minimalist design is versatile, catering to various brands and product types, making it an attractive choice for many online stores.

Why we recommend Botiga:
Botiga is perfect for creating a stylish, user-friendly online shopping experience.

With its array of customization options, from listing and checkout styles to product gallery designs, Botiga allows for a tailored browsing experience that can enhance customer satisfaction.

Get started with Botiga today!

11. Shoptimizer

WordPress eCommerce themes

Shoptimizer stands out as a premium WooCommerce theme designed with a singular focus: optimizing your store for higher conversions.

It achieves this through innovative features such as sticky product details, streamlined checkout processes, callback requests, and FOMO timers on product pages, all aimed at enhancing the shopping experience and nudging customers toward making a purchase.

The theme is also user-friendly, with all settings easily adjustable within the WordPress customizer, making it a great pick for those looking for a balance of power and simplicity in their eCommerce platform.

Why we recommend Shoptimizer:
Shoptimizer is the ideal choice for eCommerce business owners who are serious about boosting their sales and conversion rates.

Its array of conversion-optimizing features, combined with beautiful page templates, a mega menu, and enhanced product search capabilities, provide a robust foundation for creating a high-performance online store.

Get started with Shoptimizer today!

12. Metro

WordPress eCommerce themes

Metro emerges as a minimalist WooCommerce theme that boasts an array of seven different homepage designs, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences and brand identities.

This theme is especially notable for its inclusion of premium WooCommerce add-ons at no additional cost, providing enhanced functionality and value right out of the box.

Why we recommend Metro:
Metro is an excellent choice for online store owners looking to blend sophisticated design with practical functionality.

The bundled premium add-ons, such as product variation swatches and a product variation gallery module, equip entrepreneurs with powerful tools to enhance the shopping experience without extra expense.

Get started with Metro today!

13. Hugo

WordPress eCommerce themes

Hugo is a beautifully crafted WordPress eCommerce theme that combines style with seamless WooCommerce integration, offering a visually appealing homepage complete with an image slider to showcase your top products or promotions.

Multiple color schemes highlight the theme’s versatility, allowing for a personalized look that matches your brand.

Why we recommend Hugo:
Hugo is ideal for online store owners who prioritize design and user experience.

Its compatibility with WooCommerce ensures a smooth operation, while the elegant homepage layout, custom social media widgets, and content discovery features enhance engagement and customer retention.

Get started with Hugo today!

14. Neto

Neto theme WordPress

Neto transforms your WooCommerce store with its elegance and flexibility, featuring a striking homepage layout with a featured product slider.

The shortcodes and custom widgets offer extensive flexibility in designing your store’s layout, allowing for a unique shopping experience.

The theme supports custom logo uploads and provides unlimited color options, allowing you to tailor your site to your brand’s identity easily.

Why we recommend Neto:
For those aiming to create an online store that stands out through its design and user-friendly layout, Neto is an excellent choice.

With additional features for social media integration, Neto is well-suited for store owners looking to establish a strong online presence and connect with their audience.

Get started with Neto today!

15. Moderno

Moderno theme

Last on our list is Moderno. Moderno offers a minimalist WordPress theme perfect for fashion or furniture stores, emphasizing a clean and contemporary design that highlights your products without distraction.

Moderno’s demos utilize bold fonts and a classic black-on-white color scheme to ensure your products stand out.

Yet, its high level of customization means any preset design can be adjusted to fit your unique style or brand, from colors and typography to shop and page layouts, all editable via the Elementor page builder.

Why we recommend Moderno:
This theme is specifically tailored for those in the fashion and home goods sectors seeking a sleek, modern aesthetic for their online store.

Additional features like a size guide for products, a variations gallery, image zoom, quick view, product video support, and wishlists make Moderno a comprehensive solution for fashion-forward online retailers.

Get started with Moderno today!

Which WordPress Theme Is Best for eCommerce?

When it comes to finding the best WordPress eCommerce theme, Divi stands out as the best overall option.

Its speed, customization possibilities, and seamless integration with WooCommerce make it a powerhouse for any online store, offering a blend of performance and aesthetic appeal.

For those looking for a top-notch free option, Storefront is the way to go. Developed by the same team behind WooCommerce, it ensures perfect compatibility.

It offers a solid, straightforward foundation for building a user-friendly eCommerce site, making it an excellent choice for startups and budget-conscious businesses.

And that’s the end of our roundup of the best WordPress eCommerce themes.

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