Best Google Analytics Plugin For WordPress

MonsterInsights make analytics easy for WordPress. See how visitors find and use your website, so you can keep them coming back. Simply put, get stats that matter.

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Quick and Easy Setup

Not technical? No problem. Now you can easily setup Google Analytics on your WordPress website with just a few clicks. Setup takes less than 5 minutes.

Stats that Matter

We highlight the most important stats, so you can easily grow your website traffic and conversions. In one glance, you can get a clear view of how you're doing.

See How People Use Your Site

With one click, you can see how people use your site, including which pages they go to first, how long do they stay, how many pages do they visit before leaving, and more.

See How People Find You

Not sure how people are finding your website? The referral detection feature shows you exactly where people are coming from and where they are going.

See What's Popular

We show you the most popular posts, pages and sections of your website, so you can get a clear view of what's working and what's not. Start making data-driven decisions.

Ecommerce & Goal Tracking

With MonsterInsights, you can easily track your sales, downloads, user searches, outbound links, affiliate links, emails and other custom dimensions.

  • Analytics for PROs! This plugin brings it all, great features and helpful info to easily see what you are doing.

    Frank van der Sluijs

  • Simple, yet powerful. Amazing piece of plugin, does exactly what expected and even more

    Matt Jaworski

  • Works everytime! This plugin has worked with every version of WordPress I’ve ever used. Very reliable.


  • I like how simple it is for client users and how I can turn on the advanced features for myself to get all the details right.

    Skip Shean

  • I’m a long term user of this plugin. It just works!

    Andres Gomez