MonsterInsights Features and Addons

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress. Here are the features that makes MonsterInsights the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress analytics plugin in the market.

Analytics Tracking

Universal Tracking

Setup universal website tracking across devices and campaigns with just a few clicks (without any code).

eCommerce Tracking

1-click Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, LifterLMS & MemberPress.

EU Compliance

Make Google Analytics compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations automatically.

Outbound Link Tracking

Easily see exactly what sites you're sending users to, surfacing opportunities for partnership arrangements.

Affiliate Link Tracking

Our affiliate link tracking makes it easy for bloggers and affiliate marketers to track their affiliate links with Google Analytics.

Enhanced Link Attribution

Enhanced link attribution allows you to learn which call to action on your landing page is getting the most clicks.

File Download Tracking

Enable file download stats with just a click.

Scroll Tracking

See exactly where your users lose interest in your content, and optimize it for maximum visitor session time.

Automatically Exclude Administrators

MonsterInsights automatically excludes tracking administrators (customizable) to prevent staff members from skewing the GA demographics data.

UserID Tracking

View the browsing sessions of logged in users, providing invaluable insights to how your members and customers are moving around your website.

Logged-In User Tracking

Easily differentiate logged-in users from not logged in users allowing for precise analysis.

Author Tracking

Allows you to identify which authors on your site are the most popular, an invaluable tool, especially for multi-author publishers and bloggers.

AMP Compatible Tracking

With the advancement of Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) enabled websites, publishers on other analytics platforms have been racing to find compatible tracking solutions. End the search now! With MonsterInsights, your tracking works identically for AMP and non-AMP users. Plus we include custom AMP tracking solutions to ensure your users are properly attributed when switching between the AMP and non-AMP parts of your website, so you never have to worry about AMP analytics tracking compatibility again.

Efficient, Scalable, Proven Tracking

MonsterInsights is run on over 2 million websites, including websites of the Fortune 500 and extremely high traffic publisher sites. Our analytics system does not affect the loading time of your website, and unlike other analytics system does not stress your database servers, and can be run on even the most heavily cached websites (particularly important for eCommerce websites; feel free to serve your checkout and receipt pages 100% from cache). With MonsterInsights you'll never have to worry about scalability ever again!

Codeless, Effortless Complete Tracking

Unlike other systems that require website owners and their developers to add tons of custom Javascript, decipher API documentation, and hope that they've implemented complex tracking code correctly, MonsterInsights is designed to be the most powerful, but also easiest analytics system you've ever used. Our platform requires no code to be implemented by website owners, by handling the implementation, testing and verification of the tracking system all automatically. Focus on using our insights, instead of worring about data accuracy with MonsterInsights!

Post Type Tracking

Setup universal website tracking across devices and campaigns with just a few clicks (without any code).

SEO Score Tracking

See stats for your Yoast SEO score and see how it impacts your traffic.

Published Time Tracking

Optimize the traffic you recieve by understanding when your users are engaging the most with your content.

Category Tracking

See stats for your WordPress categories to find out which sections of your sites are the most popular.

Tag Tracking

Determine which topics are the most engaging to for your visitors.

Focus Keyword Tracking

For users of Yoast SEO, MonsterInsights can help you segment traffic by focus keyword.

Telephone & Email Link Tracking

MonsterInsights automatically detects telephone (tel:) and email (mailto:) links in addition to our form tracking to help you track your conversions from all inbound communication channels on your website.

Media Tracking

MonsterInsights is compatible with Vimeo Pro's Google Analytics events so you can measure how many of your visitors are watching videos, for how long, and how often they re-watch them on your website with ease.

Hash URL Tracking

Have a one page WordPress theme that's impossible to track in traditional solutions? MonsterInsights has built in support.

Custom Reports

Analytics Dashboard

See the most important Google Analytics data formatted and simplified, and put into a location you won't need to remember to check it in -- the WordPress backend.

Dashboard Widget

Customize your own quick-access statistics to have at your fingertips the moment you login, on the WordPress backend dashboard.

Admin Bar Quick Access Statistics

Quickly view the recent browing history for each page and post on your site as you navigate throughout your website.

Real Time Report

Get real-time stats right inside WordPress to see who is online, what are they doing, and more.

eCommerce Report

See all your important store metrics in one place such as total revenue, conversion rate, average order value, top products, top conversion sources, and more.

Publisher Report

Shows you exactly which content gets the most visit, which affiliate links are performing the best, what new partnership opportunities you should consider pursuing, and more.

Audience Reporting

Helps you get to know your visitors in a whole new way. It shows you detailed insights like which country your visitors are coming from, what are they most interested in, which device are they using, their age, gender, and a whole lot more. You can use this demographics report and audience clues to tweak your website design and content accordingly.

Behavior Reporting

Shows you exactly how people find your website, which keywords did they search for, who referred them, what did they click on your site, and more. You can use these useful stats to identify low-hanging fruits, new partnership opportunities, and promotional areas to focus on.

Custom Dimensions Report

Helps you dig deeper by showing you useful stats like who are your most popular authors, what are the best publication times, which are your most popular categories or tags, how well are your Yoast focus keywords and SEO score performing, and more.

Search Console Report

Shows you exactly how well your website is ranking in Google, so you can further optimize your SEO to grow your organic traffic.

Forms Report

Shows you conversion stats for various contact forms and lead forms on your website, so you can improve the conversions to grow your business.

Content Report

Shows you stats on exactly which content gets the most visits, so you can stop guessing and start creating content that gets more traffic and conversion.

Per Page/Post Reporting

View individual post and page pageviews, bounce rate, time on page, and entrance/exit numbers directly in the post list tables.

Customizable Date Rages

MonsterInsights gives you the ability to run each of our reports in standard last 7 and 30 day views as well as any custom date range you desire.

Custom Report Access Control

Control exactly which user roles are able to access the MonsterInsights reports, allowing you to be able to segment users who can view reports from those who can change settings.



Complete WooCommerce Google Analytics tracking in a single click, with no code or settings required, plus a convinient WooCommerce report dashboard. Take full advantage of Google Analytics's powerful funnels feature to improve your store!

Easy Digital Downloads

Full enhanced eCommerce tracking for Google Analytics and Easy Digital Downloads available as a simple to use addon, but bringing the full power of Google Analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking.

All WordPress Form Plugins

MonsterInsights integrates with all form plugins made for WordPress including ones in popular page builders like Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder and more without requiring you to worry about code. Powerful conversion and impression tracking with calculated conversion rates are require just a click to add with MonsterInsights.


MonsterInsights features a hand-tailored integration featuring complete tracking, reporting, and sourcing integration with WPForms. Our addon custom captures UTM data like source and stores them with your entries, allowing you to use them in the full WPForms experience as WPForms smart tags in WPForms emails, view them in the single entry view, filter entries by UTM data and export them with WPForms's export system. We're also compatible with their AMP, AJAX forms and other addons.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms has become the tool of choice for making solution focused forms and building powerful, data-driven applications. With MonsterInsights we can help you optimize Formidable Forms by automatically implementing forms tracking, saving you time and allowing you to meet objectives quickly and efficiently.

Gravity Forms

Custom integration with Gravity Forms allowing for a complete integration and reporting inside the MonsterInsights dashboard --- all without any code required. Want to know how many people are viewing your forms without the perils of a database-intensive counting system? Look no further, MonsterInsights is here to save the day!

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms isn't compatible with Google Analytics integrations because of it's unique Javascript based loading system, but for MonsterInsights that's no problem, because we've implemented a full, complete custom tracking system for Ninja Forms. Take full advantage of our forms tracking without hassle or worry.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 might not be as easy to use as WPForms, but at least with MonsterInsights you'll get full forms tracking without any code or settings needed. We make it effortless to connect your forms with Google Analytics and get insights from your visitors.

Shortlinks by Pretty Links

Pretty Links is one of the most popular affiliate linking plugins because it makes the URLs incredibly clean, and it's extremely easy to use. MonsterInsights is capable of automatically detecting and recognizing Pretty Links's affiliate links and implementing our affiliate URL tracking without you needing to change anything on your website.


MemberPress is one of the most popular membership plugin for WordPress, and we've implemented full enhanced eCommerce tracking to allow you to see important eCommerce metrics like total revenue, conversion rate, average order value, top products, top referral sources, and more.


LifterLMS is a learning management system plugin that lets you easily create and sell courses online. Truly understanding your audience is crucial for the success of your online courses. And with MonsterInsights, enabling enhanced tracking for LifterLMS is as simple as clicking a single checkbox.


MonsterInsights can automatically detect if you’re using ThirstyAffiliates and automatically tracks all your affiliate links, no matter what link prefix you’re using. This saved you time and also reduce the possibility of any errors messing up your tracking, so you can focus on maximizing your affiliate setup.

Google Ads

With MonsterInsights Ad Tracking, you can see exactly how many clicks each banner ad is getting. Identifying the most effective ad placements is easy. Removing ineffective or annoying ads can improve your audience’s engagement and reduce your bounce rate, and also free up space for more effective content.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a free A/B testing and personalization product by Google that lets you easily conduct experiments to see what works best on your site. With Google Optimize, you can use split testing and personalization to create online experiences that engage and delight your customers. And with MonsterInsights you can design, implement and leverage Google Optimize without any code at all.

Facebook Instant Articles

With Facebook Instant Articles, you can reach a whole new audience with your content. But by default, Facebook Instant Articles doesn’t play nicely with Google Analytics. That is until you install MonsterInsights, since we automatically can detect Facebook Instant Article visitors, and sidestep the tracking shortfalls Facebook Instant Articles imposes.


CookieBot offers a cookie consent, monitoring and control solution for GDPR and ePrivacy Directive (ePR) compliance. MonsterInsights can automatically integrate and re-configure itself for CookieBot in order to make compliance as easy as possible.

Cookie Notice by dFactory

Cookie Notice allows you to elegantly inform users that your site uses cookies and to comply with the EU cookie law GDPR regulations. As the leading cookie banner plugin for WordPress with over a million active installs, Cookie Notice by dFactory is completely compatible with the MonsterInsights platform.

Custom Privacy Regulation Solutions

From integrations with leading cookie management and banner implementation providers, easy to use custom APIs and links, and compatibility with all of Google Analytics's native opt-out option solutions, we take the pain out of tracking regulation compliance.

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