How to Track Contact Form 7 Conversions with Google Analytics

Do you want to track your Contact Form 7 conversions and see how well your contact forms are doing? By tracking your form views, conversions, and conversion rates, you can identify exactly which forms are performing better, and gain insights to optimize all your forms for more conversions. In this article, we’ll show you how […]

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MonsterInsights vs Google Analytics

MonsterInsights vs. Google Analytics – What’s the Real Difference?

Are you wondering what the difference is between MonsterInsights and Google Analytics? Often, beginners confuse MonsterInsights and Google Analytics thinking that they are two separate analytics services. That’s not true at all! Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google to help you understand your website visitors whereas MonsterInsights is a powerful WordPress […]

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Making the Most of Out Google Optimize

Proven Strategies for Making the Most Out of Google Optimize

Want some proven strategies for making the most out of Google Optimize? Understanding the power behind a simple tool like Google Optimize, paired with the fact that MonsterInsights only makes things easier, is a great way to see what’s working on your website, and what’s not, so you can continue to grow and improve. In […]

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MonsterInsights Dashboard Reports

Your Ultimate Guide to MonsterInsights Dashboard Reports

Do you want to know which MonsterInsights dashboard reports you have access to when you use the popular MonsterInsights plugin? It’s great to know that connecting your WordPress website to Google Analytics gives you access to plenty of ready-made Google Analytics dashboards for seeing where your site visitors come from and how they behave once […]

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Track Facebook Users in GA

How to Easily Track Your Facebook Users in Google Analytics

Want to learn how to track Facebook users in Google Analytics? Knowing how many people come to your website from Facebook, and how they behave once on your website, is crucial to optimizing your site for more traffic and higher conversions. In this article, we’ll show you how to easily track Facebook users in Google […]

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Effective Landing Page That Converts

How to Structure an Effective Landing Page That Converts

Do you want to know how to structure an effective landing page that converts? Landing pages are powerful tools for driving more traffic to your site and turning site visitors into paying customers. In this article, we’ll show you the basic structure of an effective landing page so you can build a bigger email list, […]

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Why Your Business Needs GA

Why Your Business Needs Google Analytics Starting Right Now

Are you wondering why your business needs Google Analytics to grow and become successful? Understanding how site visitors behave once on your website, learning what your best site content is, and finding out where users come from is crucial to scaling your business and expanding your brand’s reach. In this article, we’ll share with you […]

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