Best Schema Plugins for WordPress

6 Best Schema Plugins for WordPress (Expert Pick)

Want to use schema on your WordPress site to make your SEO as awesome as you can, and look fantastic in search results?

We hope so! Schema can not only help a lot with your SEO, but also help your site stand out from your competitors in Google’s search results.

The question is, how do you get it set up without spending hours trying to figure out coding it in?

Best Schema Plugins for WordPress Compared

Thankfully, there are some great plugins that can help you set up schema without coding. Let’s take a look at the best ones.

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1. All in One SEO (AIOSEO)


The first plugin on our list is All in One SEO (AIOSEO). Why is it first? Because it’s packed with features.

AIOSEO is not just a schema plugin. Instead, it’s a full-featured SEO plugin for WordPress that can also handle your schema for you.

So, with this one plugin, you can:

  • Optimize pages and posts with titles, meta descriptions, and focus keywords
  • Get helpful suggestions to improve your content and SEO
  • Add sitemaps
  • Get a TruSEO score for each page and post to see how your well your content is optimized at-a-glance
  • Implement rich snippet markup (schema) in a couple clicks, no coding necessary

The plugin can help you set up all of these schema types with just a couple clicks:

  • Recipe
  • Product
  • FAQ
  • Article
  • Course
  • Software application
  • Real estate listing
  • And more

AIOSEO starts at $49.50 per year. For all of their features, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Get started with AIOSEO now.

2. Schema Pro

Schema Pro

If you want your plugin to handle schema without having extra SEO features, Schema Pro is a solid, popular choice.

Like AIOSEO, this plugin will help you add schema to your pages with a few clicks and zero coding. It also covers tons of schema types, such as:

  • Reviews
  • Local business
  • Recipes
  • Person
  • Event
  • FAQ
  • How-to
  • Job posting
  • Product
  • Course
  • And more

Another cool feature of Schema Pro is that you can configure your schema type once, then automate it across your other pages.

Schema Pro costs $79 per year.

Get started with Schema Pro now.

3. WP Review

WP Review

Want your Google results to include star ratings? WP Review is a plugin that focuses specifically on reviews and will add star ratings to your results.

This plugin supports 19 types of schema that include reviews/star ratings, such as:

  • Recipes
  • Restaurants
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Product
  • Place
  • Software applications
  • And more

So if you’re looking for a great way for website visitors to leave reviews and ratings that also show up in your search results, WP Review is a great option.

WP Review is $67 for one year of updates and support. There is a free version, but some of the reviews aren’t great. It looks like the pro version is the way to go.

Get started with WP Review now.

4. WordPress Review & Structured Data Schema Plugin

WordPress Review & Structure Data Schema Plugin

WordPress Review & Structured Data Schema Plugin is another review plugin that also handles schema, similar to WP Review.

This plugin, though, can handle a few extra types of schema that aren’t necessarily tied to reviews, such as FAQ, how-to, and breadcrumbs.

You can get all of those schema types for free, but you’ll have to upgrade to the pro version if you want schema for:

  • Recipes
  • Products
  • Courses
  • Software applications
  • Job postings
  • And a few more

This one looks really full-featured and is definitely worth a try. The free version only has 8 reviews, but they’re all 5 stars. It has over 2,000 installs.

The pro version of WordPress Review & Structured Data Schema Plugin is $29 for one year of support and updates, and there’s a 20% discount on renewals.

Get started with WordPress Review & Structured Data Schema Plugin now.

5. Schema App

Schema App

The Schema App plugin is, just like its name implies, a schema plugin for WordPress. This one is different from the others in a few ways.

First of all,  the free plugin automatically creates multiple types of schema for you, including:

  • Page
  • Post
  • Search
  • Author
  • Category
  • Tag
  • Blog
  • Breadcrumb List
  • Website

Then, if you want to create more schema for your site, including custom, you can upgrade to Pro. Pro adds product schema, local business, organization, services, reviews, FAQ, and a few more. You also get access to their email support team.

This one is pricey, though. Pro will cost you $300 for one year.

Get started with Schema App today.

6. WP SEO Structured Data Schema

WP SEO Structured Data Schema

The WP SEO Structured Data Schema plugin is another schema plugin for WordPress that’s really helpful when setting up structured data.

Like other plugins, this one comes with a list of schema types in the free version, and adds more if you buy the pro version. The free version includes reviews, services, products, events, and other basic ones. The pro version adds recipes, courses, FAQ, and other popular schema types.

The stand-out feature of this plugin is its auto-fill feature in the pro version. With the click of a button, the plugin will attempt to fill out your schema fields for you, saving you time.

The pro version of WP SEO Structured Data Schema is $49 for one year of updates and support.

Get started with WP SEO Structured Data Schema now.

That’s our list! We hope you found a schema plugin that will work the best for your site.

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