Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

9 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Choosing the best social media plugins for WordPress can be difficult. There are so many of them! And they all have different features.

That’s why we put together a list of some of the best social media plugins for WordPress. We hope this list helps you pick the right ones for your unique website.

But first, let’s take a look at the two main types of social media plugins you can find for your website:

Social Feed Plugins for WordPress

Social feed plugins are for integrating your social feeds into your website. Instead of keeping your social media and your website separate from each other, you can integrate the two.

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For instance, let’s say you’re a photographer with a pretty awesome Instagram feed. You can encourage your website visitors to follow you on Instagram AND show off the photography you’ve posted there on your website. You just need a social feed plugin to display Instagram on your site like this, for example:

Instagram Feed Plugin Example - best social media plugins for WordPress

Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

Social sharing plugins are plugins that add sharing functionality to your site. Some of them add easy sharing buttons to the side of your site, while others might add sharing functionality for specific platforms, like Twitter click to tweet buttons or Pinterest add buttons.

These plugins might also display social share counts or have other cool features.

Social Share Buttons - Best social media plugins for WordPress

9 Awesome Social Media Plugins for WordPress

1. Smash Balloon

smash balloon

Smash Balloon is the best social media feeds plugin for WordPress. It’s easy to use and offers powerful features to display social content on your website.

Other social media feeds with Facebook and Instagram integrations break when developers don’t register their apps. Luckily, Smash Balloon as its API key registered with Facebook and Instagram, so you don’t have to worry about any breaks.

With Smash Balloon, you can make as many social feeds as you’d like. There are a whole bunch of responsive designs and layouts to choose from, with different customization options.

Smash Balloon is made up of 5 different plugins:

  • Custom Facebook Feed – Add Facebook posts, photos, videos, and broadcast live videos from your WordPress site
  • Instagram Feed – Link your Instagram pictures and stories to your WordPress pages, create shoppable feeds, hashtag feeds, and much more
  • Custom Twitter Feed – Display Twitter cards, allow users to scroll more tweets and show tweets that mention your Twitter handle (great for testimonials)
  • Feeds for YouTube – Create feeds of YouTube videos from your favorites list, display links to your product page or thumbnails to other videos, customize your video layout, and display live streaming videos
  • Reviews Feed – Display a feed of reviews on your site from all the top review sites, like Google, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and many more
  • Social Wall – You can combine feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube into a single wall

Get started with Smash Balloon today! 

2. Revive Old Posts

Revive Social

Revive Social’s Revive Old Posts plugin is an awesome social media sharing plugin that lets you automatically share your WordPress content to your social media. Use marketing automation to keep up with your sharing, without having to do it yourself.

Key Features:

  • Compatible Networks – Facebook, Instagram Business, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google My Business
  • Hashtags – The plugin can automatically create hashtags for post shares from your tags, categories, or even custom fields.
  • Post Types – Revive Old Posts can handle sharing posts, pages, media, or even custom post types like recipes or products.
  • Auto Share – You can set up auto sharing for both “old” posts and new ones right when they’re published.
  • Analytics – Revive Old Posts integrates with Google Analytics UTM campaign tracking. This allows you to see how popular your posts are and monitor the traffic coming to your site from social media.

Get started with Revive Social today!

3. Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is another popular WordPress social media feed plugin. Using the plugin, you can create attractive social feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Create any feed you want and then put it anywhere you want on your website using a shortcode. Feeds are all mobile responsive.

It is very easy to use and you can display social feed anywhere on your website, be it a blog post, landing page, or sidebar. And all the designs are mobile responsive, so you don’t have to worry about optimizing your feeds for different devices.

This plugin also has a few options for sharing buttons, and you can add like or follow buttons below your feeds.

Get started with Feed Them Social today!

4. Social Warfare

Social Warfare Plugin

Social Warfare is a social sharing plugin with a lot of great options and features. This lets you control what people share on social media (and how they share it).


  • Popular Social Networks – Choose from all the top social networks for sharing buttons, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Mix.
  • Floating Share Buttons – Have your buttons show up in any spot you want, plus you get the option to have floating buttons show when your static ones don’t.
  • Share Counts – Use social proof on your site by displaying how many times your content has been shared.
  • Popular posts widget – Display your most popular posts from your blog right in a widget and automatically calculate which ones are doing well.

Get started with Social Warfare today!

5. AddToAny Share Buttons

Add to Any

AddToAny Share Buttons is a great social media plugin for WordPress if you want a simple plugin with the most social sharing network options.


  • Social media networks – Share on virtually any platform with AddToAny’s huge number of networks.
  • Placement – Use a floating bar, place the buttons in a static location above or below your content, or use a shortcode to place them anywhere.
  • Universal email sharing menu – Universal email sharing makes it easy to share via Gmail, Yahoo Mail, (Hotmail), AOL Mail, and any other web or native apps.

Get started with AddToAny today!

6. Better Click to Tweet

Better Click to Tweet

Better Click to Tweet is a plugin that adds Click to Tweet buttons anywhere you want them within your content. Click to Tweet buttons let your readers easily share your content without having to come up with their own tweet about it! The tweet is ready-made and easy to share.


  • Popular – Better Click to Tweet has over 20,000 installs!
  • Easy to use – You can use a simple shortcode or the Gutenberg block editor.
  • Designer-friendly – If you’re a designer, developer, or handy with CSS, there are tons of options for styling.
  • Supports UTM tagging – If you want, you can use global UTM tags to track traffic you get from using click to tweet buttons.
  • Active support – The plugin author is very active in the support forums.

Get started with Better Click to Tweet today!

7. is a social feeds plugin that helps you bring together content from multiple social networks in one spot on your WordPress website.


  • Social media networks – There are a lot of them! Aggregate content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, RSS, Spotify, Slack, LinkedIn, Flickr, Vimeo, Hashtags, Yelp and DeviantArt.
  • Rules and filters – Use rules and filters to organize and customize your feed.
  • Moderation – Easily remove any unwanted posts from your feed.
  • Infinite scroll – Keep loading more posts by scrolling.
  • Analytics – Find out how your visitors are using and interacting with your social feed.

Get started with today!

8. EmbedSocial


EmbedSocial is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that helps you showcase photos, reviews, and social feeds anywhere on your website.


  • Social media networks – EmbedSocial integrates with Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Google, Twitter, Vimeo, Yelp, and YouTube.
  • 4 different options – Use one of the four plugins to embed the feed or album you’re looking for: EmbedReviews, EmbedStories, EmbedFeed, and EmbedForms.
  • Layouts – There are many customizable layouts for all of the plugins.
  • Hashtag walls – Create a web-based social media wall that includes user-generated photos from multiple hashtags from Twitter and Instagram.
  • Forever free social media aggregator – Generate and display social media content from an Instagram account and/or hashtags on any website automatically.

Get started with EmbedSocial today! 

9. Mashshare


If you’re looking for a modern, fast social sharing plugin, you’ll want to check out Mashshare. This plugin displays your overall share numbers beside the buttons, which is awesome for social proof.


  • Fast – All code is loaded directly from your website, so the plugin won’t slow down your site.
  • Free – Facebook and Twitter sharing is free. To get more networks, you can purchase an addon.
  • Available addons – Besides the additional networks addon, you can purchase a sticky header or sharing bar, YouTube video share popup, Google Analytics integration, and more.

Get started with Mashshare today!

We hope you found a great plugin for your site in our list of the best social media plugins. Want to know how to track the social media traffic to your site? Read How to Track Social Media Traffic With Google Analytics (Step by Step).

Need to do some more serious tracking with Google Analytics? Read How to Track Link Clicks in Google Analytics (Step by Step).

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for more helpful reviews, tutorials, and Google Analytics tips.

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