How to Set Up ThirstyAffiliates Click Tracking (the Easy Way)

How to Set Up ThirstyAffiliates Click Tracking (the Easy Way)

Do you want to track ThirstyAffiliates clicks but don’t know how to get started?

By setting up tracking in Google Analytics, you get to see which affiliate links get the most clicks. So, you can easily grow your revenue and promote the right affiliate.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up ThirstyAffiliates click tracking using an easy way. Let’s start…

Why Track ThirstyAffiliates Link Clicks?

ThirstyAffiliates is one of the best WordPress plugins for managing your affiliate links. You can organize, edit, and cloak long affiliate links into more readable links. And using the plugin, you can automatically insert links in your content.

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But why should you track ThirstyAffiliates link clicks?

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Find Top Performing Affiliates – If you have multiple affiliate links, then you can find out which performs the best, so you can promote it across your website
  • Identify Most Converting Landing Pages – See which landing page converts and which does, so you can replicate the design, headline, call to action (CTA), and other elements
  • Right Placement of Affiliate Links – Through tracking, you get to optimize your affiliate links and place them where they’d get a lot of clicks

Now, are you ready to set up ThirstyAffiliates click tracking?

How to Track ThirstyAffiliates in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful analytic tool to track affiliate link clicks in WordPress. But when it comes to setting up the tracking, things aren’t as simple as you might think.

That’s because you’d have to edit code on your website. Now, if you’re not a developer then, it means hiring a professional. This would require additional investment, which can be difficult if you’re running on a budget.

Or you can use Google Tag Manager to set up ThirstyAffiliates click tracking. But Tag Manager has a steep learning curve and prone to many errors. Plus, even if you get tracking to work, there’s no guarantee that the data you’re recording is accurate.

So, is there a simpler way?

Fortunately, with MonsterInsights, you can easily set up advanced tracking in Google Analytics and automatically track ThirstyAffiliates clicks.

Step 1: Install MonsterInsights on Your WordPress Site

MonsterInsights is the best WordPress plugin for Google Analytics. You can use it to set up Google Analytics on your WordPress website without any coding.

Not only that, but you get features like file download tracking, outbound link tracking, affiliate link clicks, and more right out of the box. And you can ensure Google Analytics GDPR compliance with just a few clicks.

monsterinsights best google analytics plugin for wordpress

Simply install and activate the WordPress plugin on your website and connect Google Analytics with your website.

Step 2: Set Up ThirstyAffiliates Link Tracking

Once MonsterInsights is up and running, the next thing you’ll need to do is configure ThirstyAffiliates link tracking.

To do that, go to Insights » Settings and then click on the Publisher tab. Now scroll down to Affiliate Links to define the Path and Label for your links.


Why do you need to add these fields?

Well, adding a path helps Google Analytics from differentiating your affiliate links from other links on your website. So, in ThirstyAffiliates, you can cloak your complex links into more readable links. And it does that by adding a prefix like recommend, refer, or go.

When you add this to MonsterInsights, it sets a path for your affiliate link clicks, which you can see in Google Analytics.

And as for labels, it helps you see where the click came from. For instance, if you add affiliate or aff as a label, you can immediately identify that a visitor clicked on an affiliate link.

After entering the path and label, click Save.

Step 3: View Affiliate Links Report in WordPress

MonsterInsights will now start to your ThirstyAffiliates link clicks and you can see the report inside your WordPress dashboard. But do note that you’ll need MonsterInsights Plus or higher plan to view the report.

Just navigate to Insights » Reports » Publishers. Then scroll down to Top Affiliate Links and you can see all your ThirstyAffiliates links.

And for each link, you can see the total clicks. This way you can find out which affiliate is performing, and which isn’t.


Now, what if you want to see your ThirstyAffiliates clicks in Google Analytics?

How to View ThirstyAffiliates Clicks in Google Analytics

To view the report in Google Analytics, you can click on View All Affiliate Links Report button in MonsterInsights.

Or you can login to your Analytics account and navigate to Behavior » Events » Top Events.

thirstyaffiliates click tracking wordpress

You can now add secondary dimensions to go further into the data. For instance, you can see where your traffic came from or which device they used to click the link.

With that, you’ve made it to the end of the tutorial.

MonsterInsights makes it super easy to set up affiliate link tracking in WordPress.

We hope you liked our article on how to set up ThirstyAffiliates click tracking. If you found this post useful, do check out our beginners guide to Google Analytics.

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