MonsterInsights 8.8 Announcement

[NEW] MonsterInsights 8.8: More User Journey Integrations

Do you know how customers are using and navigating your site? With the newly expanded MonsterInsights User Journey Addon, you can get this absolutely essential data to understand your visitors and make website improvements that’ll grow your business. In MonsterInsights 8.8, we’ve extended our User Journey Addon to work with Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, Restrict […]

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WordPress FOMO Popups Tutorial

FOMO Popups on WordPress: Step-by-Step Setup Guide

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is a marketing strategy called social proof marketing that you can use on your website. Want to encourage your website visitors to make a purchase or sign up for something by using FOMO popups? You can do that with a FOMO WordPress plugin! FOMO popups work by showing your […]

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Best Poll Plugins for WordPress Feature Image

6 Best Poll Plugins for WordPress (+ BONUS Pick)

Looking for a way to increase engagement or get valuable user feedback on your website? Try out poll plugins for WordPress to make users happier and gain input straight from your website visitors. Website polls and surveys turn visitors into active participants. That leads to deeper engagement with your site and brand. In this article, […]

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How to Track Shopping Cart Abandonment with Google Analytics

How to Track Shopping Cart Abandonment with Google Analytics

Are you wondering how many people add items to their shopping cart on your website but then leave before checking out? Learning how to track shopping cart abandonment helps you optimize the checkout process and get more of those sales. With Google Analytics eCommerce tracking, you can track your cart abandonment rate and come up […]

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All in One SEO Review: The Best SEO Plugin for WordPress?

Everyone who runs a WordPress website should use a WordPress SEO plugin to manage search engine optimization, or SEO. It’s simply so easy to view and control SEO in the same place where you create and manage your content. In this All in One SEO review, we’ll look at the features and benefits of this […]

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How to Link Google Ads to Google Analytics

How to Link Google Ads to Google Analytics (Step by Step)

WordPress users, do you want to learn how to easily link Google Ads to Google Analytics? Linking Google Analytics and Google Ads allows you to share information between the two accounts for better tracking of your ad campaigns. In this article, we’ll show you how to link Google Ads to Google Analytics (both Universal Analytics […]

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Best WordPress Payment Plugins

10 Best WordPress Payment Plugins (Compared)

Are you ready to turn your website into a revenue maker, so you’re looking for the best WordPress payment plugins? If so, you’re in the right spot. Choosing the right payment plugin for your website and your business is important! So, to help you choose the best one, we’ve created a list of top payment […]

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All in One SEO vs. Yoast: Which SEO Plugin?

All in One SEO vs Yoast: Which SEO Plugin is Best?

If you’ve recently looked for an SEO plugin for WordPress, you probably noticed that All in One SEO (AIOSEO) and Yoast SEO are both very popular. At first glance, they seem really similar. So how can you choose which one is best for your site? If you pit All in One SEO vs Yoast, which […]

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How to Set up Author Tracking in Google Analytics

How to Set Up Author Tracking in Google Analytics (Easy Way)

Are you wondering how to set up author tracking in Google Analytics to track the pageviews and other analytics of your blog authors? Google Analytics doesn’t set up author tracking by default. You’d have to edit the tracking code and manually set it up. But if your website is on WordPress, there’s an easier way! […]

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17 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs Guide

17+ Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs (Essential)

How do you make a WordPress blog that attracts new visitors and keeps them engaged? It’s understandable if creating content takes most of your time and energy. But if you want your blog to get more traffic, more subscribers, and more potential revenue, you’ll want to use a few of the best WordPress plugins for […]

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