Track Thrive Leads

How to Track Thrive Leads Using Google Analytics

Do you want to know how to track Thrive Leads using Google Analytics? This can be tricky to set up, but it’s possible with the right tools. In this article, we’ll show you the ways you can track both your Thrive Themes and Thrive Leads in Google Analytics. Adding Google Analytics to Thrive Themes If […]

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Bloom Conversion Tracking

How to Set Up Conversion Tracking for Elegant Themes Bloom

Are you looking for a way to set up conversion tracking for Elegant Themes Bloom plugin? Tracking how your forms are doing is important if you want your site visitors to use them. By tracking your form views, submissions, and conversion rates, you’ll know exactly how your forms are doing, and be able to fix […]

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Driving Traffic to Your Online Store

How To Drive Traffic To Your Online Store (7 Proven Methods)

Are you wondering how to drive traffic to your online store? Finding ways to encourage consumers to purchase from you, as opposed to well-established retailers, can be challenging, even when you have exactly what customers need when they need it. In fact, according to State of Inbound, generating traffic and leads is the leading challenge […]

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How to Use Google Analytics for AdWords Conversion Tracking

Want to track the performance of your AdWords campaigns? Then, you need to enable AdWords conversion tracking that tells you what happens after prospects interact with your ads, like whether they made a purchase or signed up for your newsletter. In this article, we’ll show you how to use Google Analytics for AdWords conversion tracking. […]

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How to Track Your WordPress Form Conversions in Google Analytics

Do you want to know how well your WordPress forms are converting, or which contact form drives the most conversions? Then you’ll need to set up conversion tracking for your WordPress forms, so you can track form views, submissions, and conversion rates. Let’s take a look at three different ways to set up conversion tracking for […]

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How to Use Google Optimize to Run A/B Tests for Free

Do you want to boost conversions on your site? Then you need to conduct A/B tests on your site to understand what works best for your audience. Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget or resources for an enterprise-level A/B testing solution. Google Optimize is a free A/B testing and personalization product, which is […]

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How to Optimize AdWords: 5 Tips & Strategies to Boost Your Clicks

Want to improve AdWords click-through rates? Getting your AdWords campaign up and running is pretty easy. But, if you don’t optimize your ad campaigns well enough, your click-through rates could be low, making your entire AdWords campaign less effective. In this article, we’ll show you how to optimize your AdWords campaign to boost click-through rates. […]

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5 eCommerce Email Marketing Best Practices to Grow Sales

Do you want to grow sales with email marketing? According to Monetate, mail conversion outperforms both social and organic search traffic and it is even close to twice as high as organic search. With the right eCommerce email marketing strategy, you can build an engaging relationship with your customers and grow sales. In this article, […]

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How to Reveal Your Path to Conversion in Google Analytics

Did you know that 95% of your website visitors will never convert on their first visit to your website? Studies show that on average, it takes 3-4 visits for your visitors to actually think of doing business with you. That means if you’re analyzing the contribution of a specific channel while overlooking the conversion paths, […]

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