How to Set up Author Tracking in Google Analytics

How to Set Up Author Tracking in Google Analytics (Easy Way)

Are you wondering how to set up author tracking in Google Analytics to track the pageviews and other analytics of your blog authors? Google Analytics doesn’t set up author tracking by default. You’d have to edit the tracking code and manually set it up. But if your website is on WordPress, there’s an easier way! […]

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17 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs Guide

17+ Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs (Essential)

How do you make a WordPress blog that attracts new visitors and keeps them engaged? It’s understandable if creating content takes most of your time and energy. But if you want your blog to get more traffic, more subscribers, and more potential revenue, you’ll want to use a few of the best WordPress plugins for […]

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How to Create a WordPress User Registration Form

How to Create a WordPress Registration Form (Step by Step)

Want to set up a WordPress registration form so that your users can register on your website? A registration form is usually a pretty simple form that users can very easily and quickly fill out. It should be painless and not too long, or it’s possible that users will skip registering! In this article, we’ll […]

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Best WordPress Backup Plugins

8 Best WordPress Backup Plugins for 2022 (Expert Pick)

Have you ever lost all your website data in case of a security breach or a server crash? If you haven’t, create regular backups so it stays that way! By creating regular backups with one of the best WordPress backup plugins, you can secure your website WordPress site from any threats and easily recover important […]

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Google Analytics Custom Dimensions Beginner's Guide

The Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics Custom Dimensions

Want to track your own custom data in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? With Google Analytics custom dimensions, you can track some “extra” data that doesn’t get tracked out of the box. For example, you could track which of your blog’s authors are getting the most views, what content a specific user is browsing, which of […]

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How to set up GA email tracking

How to Set Up Google Analytics Email Tracking (4 Easy Steps)

How do you measure success in your email marketing campaigns? Do you know which email messages and links drive the most traffic and the most conversions? With Google Analytics email tracking, you can find out. Fortunately, it’s easy to create tracking links and use them in all of your marketing emails. Using trackable URLs will […]

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How to Increase Organic Traffic with Google Analytics SEO Hacks

9 Google Analytics 4 SEO Hacks to Increase Organic Traffic

Looking for Google Analytics SEO hacks that you can use to increase organic traffic to your website? Google Analytics is one of the best SEO measurement tools. If you know how to use it for SEO, It can really give you some awesome insights into how to optimize your website to drive more organic search […]

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Best VoIP Services for Small Business

8 Best VoIP Services for Small Business in 2022 (Compared)

If you run a company, you need one of the best phone services for small businesses. Increasingly, small business VoIP services are becoming popular. But, what is a VoIP? And most importantly, what are the best VoIP services for small business? Let’s take a look. What Is a VoIP? VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is […]

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How to Email WooCommerce Reports

How to Email WooCommerce Reports (Best Way)

Want to learn how to email WooCommerce reports to your colleagues or others? Need a report that actually includes the data that matters to your business? WooCommerce is a really powerful WordPress eCommerce plugin, and it does have some reporting built in. However, the only way to send the data to others is to download […]

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