Best Ways to Collect Emails

5 Best Ways to Collect Emails + Email Collection Benefits

Looking to collect emails to grow your email marketing list? Running email collection campaigns is such an essential piece of online marketing. Creating email newsletters is one of the most effective ways to build stronger customer relationships, and grow your business revenue! In this article, we’ll first take a look at some reasons why you should […]

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How to Build and Grow Your Email List

How to Build and Grow Your Email List: 16 Highly Effective Ways

Wondering how to build and grow your email list quickly? To run successful email marketing campaigns, you must have an email list that keeps growing. Even if you’ve got a big email list, it naturally shrinks by 20-30% every year. People on your list change their email addresses or they simply unsubscribe because they’re no […]

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How to Write Welcome Messages for a Website

How to Write Welcome Messages for a Website (+ 9 Examples)

Want to know how to write welcome messages for a website? When you welcome visitors to your site with a well crafted message, you can really improve their experience. Plus, there are so many things you can do with a welcome message that are super tailored to your unique website. In this article, we’ll take […]

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How to Get Customer Feedback Online

How to Get Customer Feedback Online (6 Best Ways)

Wondering how to get customer feedback online? Customer feedback is an incredibly important part of any marketing strategy. How can you be sure that your customers like your products, services, website, or content without it? Not only that, but making improvements recommended by real customers or users can help you grow your business and make […]

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Most Popular and Best WordPress Themes

13 Most Popular and Best WordPress Themes for 2023

Are you looking for a list of the best WordPress themes for your website? With thousands of options available, it can be tricky to pick the best theme for your unique site. Besides the thousands of options you’ll find, there are also themes that are so super customizable, so you can create any type of […]

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How to Track Bounce Rate in GA4

Bounce Rate in GA4: How to Track Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Wondering why you can’t find your bounce rate in GA4? If you can’t track your bounce rate in Google Analytics 4, how do you track user engagement on your pages? Google Analytics 4, or GA4, is the newest version of Google Analytics. For people who’ve been using Universal Analytics, it’s challenging to switch to GA4. […]

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Push Notification Marketing Guide for WordPress

Push Notification Marketing for WordPress: Quick-Start Guide

Thinking about trying push notification marketing as part of your marketing strategy, or already doing it and looking for more ideas? Push notification marketing is a pretty new strategy compared to other tried-and-true methods, but it’s very quickly becoming a really effective way to market new content, services, products, and more. In other words, you’re […]

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How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Website with WordPress

How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Website [WordPress]

Are you wondering how to create an affiliate marketing website? You can build a profitable affiliate marketing website with WordPress, even with limited experience! Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. With the right strategy, you can optimize your website so that it attracts the right traffic and brings in […]

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Best WordPress Forum Plugins

8 Best WordPress Forum Plugins for Building a Community

Do you want to create a place where your website visitors can come together and chat? Using the best WordPress forum plugins, you can build a community right on your own website. Creating a forum can help you gain more traffic, rankings, backlinks, subscribers, and more, as well as increase your repeat traffic from regular […]

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How to Create a Survey in WordPress

How to Create a Survey in WordPress (Step by Step)

Are you wondering how to create a survey in WordPress? With a well-designed survey, you can easily collect useful information, feedback, and opinions from your site visitors. You can then use the collected information to make informed decisions that will improve your website, your products, and your business overall. In this article, we’ll show you […]

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