Best Managed WordPress Hosting Services

6 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Services (Tested & Proven!)

Are you trying to find the best managed WordPress hosting service for your website? If you’re looking for a hassle-free and optimized web hosting service for WordPress, then managed WordPress hosting is a perfect choice. However, the process of selecting the best company for your needs may be difficult because there’re many options available on […]

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Which Is the Best CDN For WordPress? 6 Solutions Compared

Are you looking for the best CDN for WordPress to make your website load faster? CDN, short for Content Delivery Network, boosts your website’s performance by loading content in a matter of seconds on your visitor’s device. In the article, we will show you which is the best CDN for WordPress and help you select […]

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How to Track Landing Pages Conversions with Google Analytics

Do you want to know which landing page converts the most customers or subscribers on your website? Identifying the best converting content on your site gives you insights on optimization, so you can improve the results. In this guide, we’ll show you how to track landing pages conversions using two ways: Method 1 (easy way) […]

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Best Blog Sites Compared

10 Best Blog Sites Compared (Pros and Cons)

Looking for the best blog sites to start a new blog? Whether you want to create a professional blog or a simple personal blog, it’s crucial to choose the right blogging platform. But, it can be confusing and overwhelming to select one from several options available on the market. So, we did extensive research on […]

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How to Create an AMP Contact Form on Your WordPress Site

Are you looking for a way to create amazing contact forms that work on AMP? When you enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on your website, it loads much faster on mobile devices. The way that AMP does this is by removing some features of your site that cause it to slow down. This means that […]

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Best VoIP Services for Businesses

8 Best VoIP Services for Businesses in 2019 (Pros and Cons)

Are you looking for the best VoIP services for your business? VoIP refers to an internet phone service which allows you to receive and make calls on your computer or mobile device. It’s a highly cost-effective call management solution for businesses of all sizes. Using a business VoIP service, you can efficiently manage business calls, […]

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Best WordPress Coming Soon Plugins Review

Top 11 Best WordPress Coming Soon Plugins (2019 Review)

Are you looking to create a page for your new website under construction? Want to know which is the best WordPress coming soon plugin? Choosing the right plugin is crucial for building an attractive page, which can inform, engage, and excite users about your upcoming website. In this article, we’ll share with you 11 best […]

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How to Create a Goal in Google Analytics to Track Conversions

Looking to optimize your website for conversions? To do that, you’ll need to track conversions by setting up a goal in Google Analytics. This could be tricky for beginners, but what if there’s an easier way? This is where MonsterInsights WordPress plugin comes in handy. It automatically tracks conversions on your website and provides actionable […]

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How to Grow Your Email List: 16 Highly Effective and Easy Ways

Wondering how to grow your email list faster? Looking for the easy ways to increase your email subscribers list? You need an engaged and updated email list for successful email marketing, but having one is the biggest challenge. It requires continuous and constant effort to keep your email list fresh and growing. Even if you’ve […]

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