track Formidable Forms Conversions with Google Analytics

How to Track Formidable Forms Conversions with Google Analytics

Want to track your Formidable Forms conversions to see which forms are performing the best on your site? With Google Analytics, you can track your forms conversions, but it’s got quite a high learning curve for beginners. Not to mention that you’ll have to perform manual set up to track Formidable Forms. Fortunately, there’re smart […]

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what is an exit page

What is an Exit Page? (And How to View it in Google Analytics)

Ever wonder which page your visitor’s last view and leave your website? Often marketers won’t see exit pages as important metrics to track. But in fact, it provides great insights to understand your user’s behavior, the journey they take, and how you can optimize your website to boost conversions. In this article, we’ll take a […]

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How to Set Up Cross-Domain Tracking in Google Analytics (The Smart Way)

Are you having trouble setting up cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics? If yes, then you’re not alone. Many website owners that have multiple domains find it hard to correctly configure cross-domain tracking. That’s because it involves coding and tweaking the analytics code. And if you mess up the code, then you’ll get errors or inaccurate […]

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How to Find Out Where Your Email Subscribers Are Coming From

Are you wondering how your newsletter subscribers found you? Did they read a blog post and decide to sign up, or did they click on your signup link in your Twitter bio? By identifying the source of your visitors, you can learn how to get more email subscribers. And with MonsterInsights, you can easily track form submissions […]

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