how to set up google tag manager event tracking

How to Set Up Google Tag Manager for Event Tracking

Are you looking for a better way to track events in Google Analytics? Do you want to know what buttons your visitors click or videos they watch? Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool by Google that helps you manage and add different website tags without editing code. You can use the tool to […]

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what is a nofollow link

What is a Nofollow Link? (A Simple Guide for Beginners)

Are you wondering what a nofollow link is and how to use it to improve your search engine optimization (SEO)? Nofollow links are a crucial part of SEO. They can help boost your search rankings if used correctly. That’s why it’s important to understand when or when not to use nofollow links. In this article, […]

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seedprod review

SeedProd Review: Is It the Best Drag and Drop Page Builder?

Do you want to create a landing page for your WordPress website? The best solution is to use a landing page builder plugin. Yet, not all landing page plugins are created equal, with some making the process much easier than others. That’s why we’re reviewing one of the top plugins on the market: SeedProd. In […]

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one page website

How to Track Pageviews on a One Page Website in Google Analytics

Are you curious about how your visitors interact with your one-page website? Do you want to know what interests them the most? With the right setup, you can easily track your single-page site in Google Analytics just like any other website. Sadly, Analytics doesn’t track pageviews by default on sites that have content on a […]

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how to get a simple weekly analytics report by email

How to Get a Simple Weekly Google Analytics Report by Email

Do you want to get automated Google Analytics reports every week in your email inbox? Setting up weekly reports in Google Analytics can help save a lot of time, as you don’t have to check the stats of your site’s performance every day. Besides that, it also helps in sharing analytics reports with others. That […]

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