How to Track Video Plays in Google Analytics

How to Track Video Plays in Google Analytics (No GTM!)

Do you use videos on your site to engage your visitors or relay important information, and you’re looking for a way to track those video plays in Google Analytics?

If you’ve looked into tracking video plays with Google Analytics before, you might have been pretty intimidated by super complicated instructions. If you’re not using Google Tag Manager and you’re not an Analytics pro, you might have just decided that tracking isn’t worth it.

Well, for WordPress users, there’s a much easier way to set up Google Analytics video tracking. In this article, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily track video views and clicks in WordPress with absolutely NO complicated coding.

Track Embedded Videos in WordPress with Google Analytics

When you’re using WordPress, you’re probably embedding your videos using three different methods:

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  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • WordPress media library upload (HTML5)

When you’re using YouTube or Vimeo, you can see your total video plays on those platforms. But how many of those are happening on your website? How much of your videos are visitors watching? How many of your visitors are even seeing your videos?

Good news! We can help you easily set up video tracking with just a couple clicks.

Just follow these simple steps to start tracking embedded YouTube, Vimeo, or WordPress videos in Google Analytics:

  1. Install and Activate MonsterInsights
  2. Install the Media Addon
  3. Turn on video tracking
  4. Find your data in Google Analytics

Already have MonsterInsights installed at the Plus license level or above? Skip to Step 2.

Step 1: Install and Activate MonsterInsights

First, you’ll need to install MonsterInsights on your WordPress website. MonsterInsights allows you to set up video tracking in WordPress with just a few clicks – no need to modify your Google Analytics code.

monsterinsights wordpress plugin

To get video analytics, grab MonsterInsights at the Plus level or above, then download the plugin from your Account page.

Next, upload the plugin on your WordPress website by going to Plugins » Add New » Upload Plugin and then click the Install Now button.

upload plugin in wordpress

Now, activate MonsterInsights by clicking the Activate Plugin button.

activate monsterinsights

After installing and activating the plugin, you’ll need to connect it with Google Analytics. The MonsterInsights setup wizard makes it super simple to add Google Analytics tracking code to your website.

connect monsterinsights with ga

For more details on how to get set up, read our step-by-step guide on how to set up Google Analytics on your WordPress website properly.

Step 2: Install the Media Addon

To install the addon, visit the Insights » Addons page in your WordPress dashboard. Then, click Install under the Media addon.

Install the MonsterInsights media addon

Step 3: Turn on Video Tracking

Now, it’s time to turn on video tracking for the type of videos you have on your site. To do that, navigate to Insights » Settings » Publisher. Scroll down to the Media Tracking box.

Media Tracking Addon - MonsterInsights

Now, click the button next to the type(s) of videos you want to track.

Step 4: Find Your Data in Google Analytics

Once you’ve given it a few days for video data to be gathered, you can look at how your videos are performing in Google Analytics.

To view the reports, log in to your Google Analytics account and then go to Behavior » Events » Top Events.

Now, you’ll see an Event Category called one of these:

  • video-vimeo
  • video-youtube
  • video-html

Here’s an example of an embedded Vimeo video tracking event:

Vimeo video tracking event in Google Analytics

Click into the Event Category.

Now, you’ll see a list of your events. Impression means your video was seen, 0 means the viewer pressed play but didn’t make it to 25%, 25 means they made it to 25%, then 50, 75, and 100 all mean the watchers made it to that percentage.

Vimeo video analytics by event action

Now, you can add these events to any other report in Google Analytics to see extra data about your video watchers.

With your video events available to add to any report, you can see which videos are performing well, and which aren’t.

We hope you enjoyed our video tracking guide! Want to track more events on your website? Here are a few articles you’ll want to check out:

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