How to See Statistics for Each Page and Post

Want to see what pages your statistics for each page and post on your website? You can with the Page Insights addon. The MonsterInsights Insights addon allows you to see what your visitors are up to for each page and post in the WordPress admin.  MonsterInsights Page Insights


  1. You have MonsterInsights Plus or higher.
  2. MonsterInsights premium is installed and activated.
  3. MonsterInsights has been connected with Google Analytics.
  4. Your version of MonsterInsights is up-to-date. (MonsterInsights version 7.3.0 or later is required.)
  5. You’ve installed the Page Insights Addon for MonsterInsights.

Why Use the Page Insights Addon

A few benefits of using the Page Insights addon are:

  • Easily see how individual pages and posts are performing from within WordPress.
  • Instantly know the most important metrics for your blog posts and pages including:
    • Bounce Rate
    • Entrances
    • Page views
    • Time on Page
    • Page load times
    • Exits
  • Knowing the above stats for your individual pages will allow you to see what articles are performing the best, as well as what articles have leaks that will need to be plugged.

How to View Your Page Insights in WordPress

Step 1: Login to WordPress and navigate to your posts or pages area.

Step 2: On the far right of the posts or pages you’ll see the Page Insights icon. Click it:

How to Find Page Insights

Step 3: A window with your stats for the Last 30 Days will appear. Inspect these stats.

MonsterInsights Page Insights

Step 4: You’ll also see a drop-down selector to view the stats from yesterday. To see yesterday’s stats select this item.

Step 5: The stats from yesterday for this page will appear when this item is selected.

Step 6: You’ll also be able to view Page Insights while editing your post.

That’s it! Now you know how to get insights for your individual WordPress pages or posts right inside your WordPress admin.

In the next doc in this series, we’ll show you how to take action on this valuable information.