How to Find the Source of Outbound Traffic in Google Analytics

Of your visitors who click your outbound links, where did they come from? This can be valuable information for site owners, especially if you’re making money from those clicks through affiliate links or ads.

If you know particular sources of traffic are getting you better results, then you’ll know where to focus your attention.

In this article, we’ll show you how to find the source of outbound traffic in Google Analytics.

Prerequisites for Finding the Source of Outbound Traffic:

If that wasn’t already set up, you might not have any data yet. You’ll want to wait a little bit for Google to collect some data.

  • If you’re using a site caching plugin, you’ll want to clear that. If you don’t see a clear cache button at the top of your site when you’re logged in, you likely don’t have one.

Step 1. Navigate to Google Analytics. There, you’ll go to Behavior » Events » Overview

Outbound Link Tracking: Where To Find The Outbound Link Events

Step 2. Next, click “outbound-link” and then set the Secondary Dimension to “Source.”

Set Secondary Dimension on Google Analytics Outbound Links

Step 3. Now you can see the source of all the outbound link traffic.

Google Analytics: Outbound links with secondary dimension set to "source."

In the above example, you can see that out of all the outbound clicks most of them are coming from Google. The above example is just one way to track your results and your return on investment.

Now you know how to find the source of your visitors who click your outbound links!

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