How to Check Your Site for Your Google Analytics Tracking Code

After installing MonsterInsights and authenticating it with Google Analytics, you may want to ensure that your tracking code is added to your site properly. To verify that Google Analytics can track your traffic, you’ll need to look at the source code of your website. In this article, we’ll show you how to do it.

Before we get started, you’ll either need to log out of your site or use incognito mode/private browsing mode. This is because, by default, MonsterInsights doesn’t track logged in users to ensure site owners do not skew their own Google Analytics data.

There are a few different ways to check your site for Google Analytics tracking code.

1. Viewing the Source Code

The first and easiest method is to view the source code of your site and look for the MonsterInsights tag.

To do this, navigate to your website in your browser.

Then, you can use a keyboard shortcut to view the source code of your site. If you’re on Windows or Linux, press Ctrl + U to view the source code. If you’re on Mac, press Command + U.

Alternatively, you can right click anywhere on the page and click the View page source option. The wording may be slightly different depending on your web browser.

Here’s what your Google Analytics tracking code will look like:

2. Using Tag Assistant (by Google)

Another method is to use the chrome extension Tag Assistant (by Google). Go to the link using the Chrome browser and download the extension by clicking Add to Chrome. Then, click Add extension in the popup that appears.

Install Google Tag Assistant

Install Tag Assistant Extension

Now you’ll see the Tag Assistant (by Google) icon in your extension bar along with other extensions. Click on it and select Done.

Google Tag Assistant

Now go to your website and click on the extension icon again. Then, click Enable.

Google Tag Assistant

Now refresh your page. If your Google Analytics code is installed correctly, you’ll see your tracking ID when the extension icon is clicked.

View Google Tag Assistant

3. Using Google Anaytics Debugger

You can also check the Analytics tracking code by using another popular Chrome extension Google Analytics Debugger. Alternatively, you can follow our guide to enable debug mode using the MonsterInsights plugin without installing any Chrome extension.

To use the extension, go to the Google Analytics Debugger. Then, click Add to Chrome.

Add debugger to Chrome

You can turn on Analytics debug mode by clicking on the extension icon in your extension bar.

After enabling it, go to your website. Then, right-click and select Inspect.


Now click on the console tab to view your tracking ID.

Chrome Inspector

If your Google Analytics code appears more than once, it may be double counting your site traffic. See our guide on removing other Google Analytics tracking codes for more details.