Why Google Analytics Stats Differ From Adsense Stats

Wondering why your Google Analytics Statistics differ from your Adsense Stats? Under normal circumstances, those numbers will be slightly different. In this article, we’ll explain how to minimize those differences, what contributes to those discrepancies and why some variances are normal and unavoidable.

Below, we’ll cover:

3 Steps To Minimize The Stats Differences Between Google Analytics and Google Adsense

Steps you should first take to minimize any discrepancies in the stats include:

Step 1: We’d recommend that you integrate your Google Analytics account with your Adsense account: Click here for instructions.

Step 2: Wait for the mandatory 48 hours for Adsense to finish linking with your Google Analytics account.

Once you’ve done this, any legitimate traffic that Adsense is sending should be showing.

Step 3: If you are getting discrepancies between that data after linking, Google has an automated troubleshooter that can figure out the issue: Adsense Troubleshooter

Some Differences Between Google Analytics and Adsense are Normal and Inevitable, Here’s What Causes Them

Keep in mind, under normal circumstances there will be differences in Analytics and Adsense reporting. Here is an incomplete list of some of these causes, cited from Google’s Adsense Support:

  • Separate JavaScript code: Adsense uses Javascript Tracking, as does Analytics. If one is in the header, and the other in the footer, then the user might click “back” before the footer loads. In this instance, one will fire and the other will not. Occasionally, there might be other reasons why the JS won’t fire.
  • Iframes: AdSense uses an iframe to serve ads. Browsers that don’t support the “iframe” tag will not report an impression. This can result in Analytics counting more pageviews than AdSense counts impressions.
  • Security or Ad-blocking software: Your AdSense impressions might be decreased ad-blocking software such as a browser extension, an ad-blocking VPN or an ad-blocking web browser.
  • Time zone: If your Analytics timezone doesn’t match your AdSense timezone, then they’ll be showing different data for the same date.
  • Analytics Views and Filters: Analytics lets you create different views that can be used to filter data. If you are looking at a view that filters out data, then the corresponding AdSense data will be missing from Analytics. However, you’d still see those numbers in Adsense.

[Read more for a full list: Source]

Additionally, MonsterInsights won’t track any analytics for any Adsense referrals done by a logged in Administrator or Editor if the settings are left to default. This is to avoid Administrators and Editors from skewing the date in the reports that are reserved for your site visitors.

This setting can be adjusted under: Insights » Settings » Tracking.

What’s Next?

That’s it! You’ve just learned why Google Analytics stats differ from Adsense stats, how to minimize those differences, and why some differences are inevitable.

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