Help! I’m Not Seeing Myself in the Real-Time Reports in Google Analytics

Are you having trouble seeing yourself in the Real-Time reports in Google Analytics? This article covers the majority of reasons people might not be seeing themselves in the real-time view. Read on to troubleshoot your setup!

If you have a Universal Analytics property, make sure to check the steps labeled as UA only.

If you have a Google Analytics 4 property, you can skip UA only instructions since they will not apply to GA4 properties.

Not sure what property type you have? Learn about the differences between UA vs GA4 properties.

Tip: Enable dual tracking in MonsterInsights to collect data into both a UA property and GA4 property. For more information, check out our guide: How to Set Up Dual Tracking

MonsterInsights Doesn’t Track Admins and Editors by Default

You’ll need to open an incognito window or log out of WordPress before you can see yourself in real-time reports.

User ID enabled views (UA only)

Real-Time reports don’t work with User ID enabled views.

Mobile Users Tracking

Mobile hits are batched to conserve phone battery. You will potentially notice delays when testing on mobile. Batching typically happens every few minutes rather than instantaneously. Certain mobile devices throttle sending hits to Google Analytics sometimes up to 6 hours, as a way to conserve battery life

Caching Plugin

You authenticated into MonsterInsights or entered the tracking code manually, but you’re using a plugin based (WP SuperCache, WP Total Cache, WP Rocket), or server-based (Pagely, WP Engine, Siteground, etc.) caching and have not cleared the cache.

Filter Issues (UA only)

Did you set up reporting-view filters and see a drop in traffic?

Typically, we never recommend our customers set up filters, but instead use any alternative methods available in Google Analytics such as segments.

You’ll want to check your filters in the Admin » View Settings and make sure you aren’t removing data from your view permanently.

The MonsterInsights Performance Addon

The Performance Addon is fantastic for high-traffic sites that are close to running up against the Google Analytics data cap.

But if you happened to turn this on and didn’t pay attention to what you were doing (say turned it on to 50%) you’d see a 50% drop in reported traffic.

If you’re testing your site in real-time, and happen to be one of the unreported 50%, you wouldn’t see yourself.

Campaign Attribution Error (UA only)

Due to a difference in the way Universal Analytics uses campaign information for Real-Time reporting, it may be that, during your session, you stopped being recognized as coming from a certain campaign and is instead counted as a direct referral.

Cookie Plugin

If you are using a cookie plugin for EU Compliance, and you’re visiting your own site, make sure you’ve opted into tracking first before checking your Realtime report.

That’s it! Now you know all the major reasons why the Real-Time reporting view might not be showing you in Google Analytics.

Ready to learn about the Real-Time Reports in Google Analytics? Check out our guide: Beginner’s Guide to Real-Time Reports in Google Analytics (UA only) or Beginner’s Guide to Realtime Reports in GA4 (GA4 only).