IP Geo Block Plugin Conflict

Have you received the following error when trying to Authenticate MonsterInsights?

The following error occurred during authentication:
This site is already authenticated. Please re-authenticate if you want to change the Google Analytics profile.

The issue might be the IP Geo Block plugin in your WordPress Install.

The IP Geo Block plugin blocks MonsterInsights from connecting to the backend of your site and displaying your site’s analytics reports.

Until the developers of this plugin whitelist MonsterInsights by you’ll not be able to see reports.

To see your reports, you’ll need to deactivate the IP Geo Block plugin.

  1. Navigate to Plugins » Installed Plugins and find the IP Geo Block plugin.
  2. Then click Deactivate.

How to Deactivate the IP Geo Plugin Block Plugin

That’s it! Now your site should be able to display reports.

Still having issues? It might be another plugin conflict. Ever wondered how to check for theme and plugin conflicts? This doc will show you: How To Check For Plugin Conflicts.