How to Get Started With the MonsterInsights Real-Time Report

Do you want to see how what your visitors are up to in Real-time? The MonsterInsights Real-Time report addon allows you to track your visitors on your sites in real-time right from your MonsterInsights report in WordPress.


  1. You have MonsterInsights Plus or higher.
  2. MonsterInsights premium is installed and activated.
  3. MonsterInsights has been connected with Google Analytics.
  4. Your version of MonsterInsights is up-to-date. (MonsterInsights version 7.3.0 or later is required.)

Why Use the Real-time Report?

A few benefits of using the real-time report are:

  • You can track the results of your marketing efforts and product launches as-it-happens right from your WordPress site.
  • With easy access to the rest of your WordPress dashboard, you can monitor your site and quickly changes-on-the-fly as needed.
  • Track active visitors on the site.
  • See pageviews-per-minute for the past 30 minutes.
  • Track Top pages including page title, page view count, and percentage of total in real-time.
  • Track top referral traffic sources in real-time including source, path, campaign, count, and percent.
  • Track top countries in real-time including country, number of visitors, and percent.
  • Track top cities in real-time including city, state, country, and the number of visitors in real-time.

The real-time report updates every 60 seconds.

If you’re testing your own visits, be sure you open an incognito window that isn’t logged into WordPress as we don’t track logged-in users by default.

That’s it! Now you know how to get started with the real-time report in MonsterInsights. Are you intersted in how to find the real-time report? Please see our guide: How to Find the Monsterinsights Real-Time Report.