How to Fix Wrong Google Analytics Profile Selected in Settings

Is the wrong Google Analytics property or data stream connected in your MonsterInsights settings? Here’s how to fix it and make sure the right Google Analytics profile is selected.

Step 1: Find your Measurement ID

First, log in to your Google Analytics account and select your site’s profile.

Google Analytics 4 Account Picker

Then, click on the Admin Cog in the left panel.

In the right column, click Data Streams.

Then, click on the data stream that you want to verify the Measurement ID of.

This will open a page where you can view the Measurement ID.

If you have more than one data stream, please click into each one and note the different Measurement IDs.

Step 2: Compare Your Measurement ID to Your Site’s Source Code

Now you can compare your Measurement ID number to the one found in your site’s source code. See our guide on how to check your site for your Google Analytics tracking code for step-by-step instructions.

If the IDs match but to a different data stream than expected, the good news is that you’re still tracking into your property.

In this case, you can delete the unused data stream. It’s not possible to select which data stream MonsterInsights will connect to at this time as it’s currently automated.

Step 3: If IDs Are Different, Reset Your Connection

If your IDs do not match, then you’ll need to reconnect MonsterInsights.

To do that, from your WordPress dashboard, go to Insights » Settings. Then, click on the Reconnect MonsterInsights button.

  • Follow the steps in the popup to reauthenticate your Google Analytics account.
  • You’ll select your Google Account that contains your Google Analytics profile for the site.
  • Next, if you have multiple Google Analytics profiles in your account be sure to select the correct one for the site.

That’s it! You can verify that your measurement ID is correct by repeating step 1 above.