How To Create Your Measurement Protocol API Secret in Google Analytics

If you’ve connected MonsterInsights to a Google Analytics property, you’ll need a Measurement Protocol API Secret to track events such as eCommerce Add to Cart, eCommerce purchases, form submissions, and more.

When you authenticate with MonsterInsights, we automatically help generate the secret value and insert this value into your settings for you.

But in case you need set this up manually, we’ll show you how to create a Measurement Protocol API Secret Value and how to insert it into your MonsterInsights settings in this guide.


  1. MonsterInsights is installed and activated.
  2. You’ve already connected MonsterInsights to your Google Analytics property.

Step 1: Go to Click Admin.

GA4 Admin

Step 2: Under the Property column, click into Data Streams and open the data stream connected to MonsterInsights.

GA4 data stream

Step 3: Scroll down to find Measurement Protocol API secrets. Click into it.

Step 4: Here you can Create a new API secret and give it a nickname.

Step 5: Now that your new API secret is created, make sure to copy the Secret Value.

GA4 copy secret value

Step 6: While in your WordPress admin, go to Insights » Settings. Within the Google Authentication section, you’ll find the Measurement Protocol API Secret field. Paste your Secret Value here and the settings will automatically save.

You did it! Your Measurement Protocol API Secret is set up and you’re now sending tracking data to your Google Analytics property.