How to Add a Property to Google Analytics

Setting up a property in Google Analytics is super simple! Google Analytics allows you to add up to 99 additional properties for each Analytics Account (website) below you’ll find a walkthrough on how to set up MonsterInsights for your site.


  1. You have a Google Analytics account
  2. You have a website

Let’s get started

While logged into your Google Analytics account select the site you want to set a new property on.

Click on the cog to access the Admin panel:

In the Property column click the blue Create Property button:

Creating the new Google Analytics 4 property

Creating a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property is easy. In the new pane enter your website name, or some other uniquely identifiable name, and then click Next.

Creating a Universal Analytics only property

If you would like to create a Universal Analytics (UA) property instead, click advanced options.

click show advanced options

Then toggle the switch next to Create a Universal Analytics property to enable

enable create universal analytics property

Enter your web address, paying attention to the https and http selection making sure it matches your web address.

Click Create a Universal Analytics property only and hit next:

select create a universal analytics property only

Complete creating your property

Now that you’ve set up a GA4 or UA property, you just need to enter in your business information, category, business size, and how you intend to use Google Analytics.

Click the Create button:

business information

You did it! You’ve created a new Google Analytics property.

Now that you have a property, you can connect it to MonsterInsights: How to Connect to Google Analytics.