How to Add a Property to Google Analytics

Setting up a property in Google Analytics is super simple! Below you’ll find a walkthrough on how to set up MonsterInsights for your site.


  1. You have a Google Analytics account
  2. You have a website


Creating a new Google Analytics property

First go to While logged into your Google Analytics account select the site you want to set a new property on.

Click on the cog to access the Admin panel:

In the Property column click the blue Create Property button:

You’ll be taken to a different screen to create a property.

The first step is property creation. Enter your website name, or some other uniquely identifiable name, and then click Next.

Fill in your business information

Next, choose your Industry category and Business size:

Then click Next to select your objectives on the next page:

Once done, click on Create. You’ll see a notification that your property was successfully created!


You did it! You’ve created a new Google Analytics property.

Now that you have a property, you can connect it to MonsterInsights.

During authentication, we’ll automatically create a data stream for you. This means you don’t need to worry about setting up data collection on the current screen.

Instead, you can click Skip for now on the screen and proceed to the next guide here: How to Connect to Google Analytics.