How to Troubleshoot Google Analytics Status “Tracking Not Installed”

Does your Google Analytics account say your tracking code isn’t installed? There are a few things that can cause this issue even if you’ve added your tracking code to your site. Here’s how to troubleshoot the “tracking not installed” error.

Step 1: Test Real-Time Overview in Google Analytics

If the Last checked date and time isn’t current, Google has not updated with your recent changes.

Google may still be tracking your website traffic, though. You can use the Real-Time overview to test if Google records the visit. You or a friend should visit your site while not logged in and see if Real-Time records your visit.

real time view in google analytics

Once Real Time records the visit, Google should update the status to “Receiving Data.” This usually happens within 48 hours, but can take longer.

Step 2: Verify Your Tracking Code

If Real-Time doesn’t record your visit, it could indicate a communication problem between Google Analytics and your website. Usually, this is due to an incorrect setting, filter or tracking code.

Here are a few common causes to check for:

    1. The wrong Tracking ID has been manually entered into the plugin. Please verify the Tracking ID matches exactly including any letters and dashes.
    2. The wrong tracking code appears on your site. This typically happens when using a Universal Analytics tracking code and not enabling Universal Analytics in our plugin. Or vice versa.

  1. Ensure no other plugins are adding the Universal Analytics tracking code as this can conflict with proper reporting. The fastest way to rule out conflicts is to deactivate all your plugins except for MonsterInsights and switch to a standard theme like Twenty Seventeen. If the issue is resolved, you have a conflict and should activate one plugin or theme at a time until you identify the source of the conflict.
  2. Filters added to Google Analytics views may be inadvertently blocking hits. Here’s how to remove the filters at the view level.

Step 3: Verify Your Settings

In some cases, you may be providing too much or too little information in the tracking code.

If you have enabled any extras in MonsterInsights or in Google Analytics, make sure you have enabled the extra in both settings.

  1. Are Demographics and Interest Reports enabled? Make sure it’s enabled in Google Analytics and in your MonsterInsights settings.
  2. Is Enhanced Link Attribution enabled? Make sure it’s enabled in both settings.
  3. Verify any other advanced features you may have enabled on either side.

After you change your settings for any of these features, Google will need more time to collect data and update the status. Check back in a few days to see if your status has changed.