Google Analytics Events Audit

Are you interested in learning more about the Google Analytics events MonsterInsights tracks? MonsterInsights can track many types of visitor-triggered events on your WordPress website right out-of-the-box.

In this guide, we’ll outline many of the events tracked by MonsterInsights.

This is not a comprehensive list of MonsterInsights’s events. We track a lot of things, and are always adding more to allow you to learn the most about your site.

What is an Event in Google Analytics?

Events in Google Analytics are interactions site visitors have with your website tracked independently from the page load. Examples of events you can track in MonsterInsights include file downloads, outbound link clicks, telephone link clicks, affiliate link clicks, and web form impressions and submissions.

Events Types Available in Each Plan

Outbound link tracking, download link tracking, telephone number tracking, and affiliate link tracking are all available in all versions of MonsterInsights when viewing the data in Google Analytics.

Please note: to view outbound link tracking, download link tracking, and affiliate link tracking in the MonsterInsights reports in WordPress you need to look in the publisher’s report available in the Plus package.

Forms tracking and eCommerce tracking are available in the Pro package.

Overview of MonsterInsights Events

Event NameTriggers when a site visitor...
telClicks on a <a href="tel:123-123-1234">Telephone</a> link
mailtoClicks on a <a href="">Email</a> link
scroll_depthScrolls 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the page.
file_downloadClicks on a download link.
clickClicks on an outbound or affiliate link

For click events, depending on what type of link is clicked on, the following information will be tracked:

Is OutboundIf a site visitor clicks on an link that leads them to an external site, will be set as true
Is Affiliate LinkIf a site visitor clicks on an link set to be tracked as an affiliate link, will be set as true

More MonsterInsights Events:

Event NameTriggers when a site visitor...
form_impressionOpens a page with a form.
generate_leadSuccessfully submits a form.
impressionOpen a page with an embedded video.
video_start, video_progressWatches an embedded video on the page.
video_completeWatches a video until the end.
view_item_listBrowses a product category.
view_itemViews a single product page.
select_itemSelects a product type while viewing a single product.
add_to_cartAdds a product to their cart.
begin_checkoutStarts the check out process.
purchaseSuccessfully completes a transaction.

Now you’ve seen a thorough list of the events MonsterInsights tracks.

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