Change the Protocol of Your Site from HTTP to HTTPS in Google Analytics

Are you changing the domain name of your website from HTTP to HTTPS? In this article, we’ll show you how the change the protocol of your default settings to SSL in Google Analytics.

Upon completion of this guide, be sure to add the new variations of your site to Google Search Console also, so Google Search Console can warn you if it finds any crawl errors when Google bot visits your site.

How to Change the Protocol of Your Website from HTTP to HTTPS in Google Analytics

Step 1: Navigate to and go to the existing Google Analytics Property you’d like to change the protocol for to SSL/HTTPS.    Select the Correct Property
Step 2: Click on the Admin label in the main menu.

Step 3: In the middle column, click Property Settings.

Step 4: Under Default URL change the protocol from HTTP to HTTPS.

Change Protocol From http to https
Step 5: Click save.

That’s it! You’ve changed the site to HTTPS in of your Google Analytics!

Are you interested in setting up Google Search Console for your new SSL site? If you do, Google will let you know if you find any errors on your site–also, Google will share some info on how your site is doing in the rankings. So, please see our guide: How to Verify Your Site in Google Search Console with Google Analytics.