How to Clear Your Browser Cache

Are you not seeing the latest changes you’ve made to your website, or does it seem like your data from Google Analytics isn’t updating? The problem could be your browser’s cache.

Your browser saves parts of the websites you visit in order to load them faster the next time you visit them. This makes your browsing experience faster, but can sometimes cause problems. In this guide, we’ll explain what caching is, and why and how to clear your browser cache step by step.

Why Should You Clear Your Browser Cache?

Internet browsers are trying to give you the best and smoothest experience on the web they possibly can. This is done in a lot of smart and subtle ways you usually won’t notice. Caching pages and scripts is one of them.

Basically, your browser saves files (such as images and scripts) whenever you visit a website. Then on your next visit, it display the saved files instead of retrieving them from the internet again. Here’s a beginner’s guide to caching you can view for a simple explanation of how it works.

However, that same mechanism that is making your favorite sites so blazing fast can also cause trouble.

Usually when such an image or script is updated, your browser will update its cache with the new version of the file. Unfortunately, sometimes that doesn’t happen automatically. This can cause all sorts of strange problems.

How to Clear Your Browser’s Cache

Luckily, all browsers have an easy mechanism of forcing a refresh of the cached information for a certain website.

Since the method for each browser is different, you can follow the guide for your browser below:

After following the instructions linked above for your browser, you should now have downloaded the latest version of all the files, potentially solving quite a few issues.

If there are still things you need help with, please┬áget in touch with support. We’d love to help.