How To Fix JavaScript Errors

If you’re viewing this document, you’ve likely encountered some sort of JavaScript issue. The good news is that these are easily and quickly solved in almost all cases, and we’ll have you up and running in no time.

Generally, you’ll want to check a couple of things:

If the above steps do not apply to you, please try using an Incognito or Private Window of your default browser and see if your reports load without issue that way.

If this works, then it means there’s a extension that needs to be disabled. Keep in mind it might be an extension that’s not strictly an ad blocker. For example, Windscribe is often used by users for VPN, but it has a ad blocker feature.

If switching to an incognito window doesn’t have an effect, please try using a different browser altogether to see if your reports load as expected. If this works, then there is most likely an built-in extension or plugin in your default browser that’s blocking MonsterInsights scripts from loading.

Once you identify the browser extension or plugin that’s causing issues, you can leave it disabled or look for the option to whitelist your WordPress URL within the extension itself.

Still having issues? Then it’s most likely there’s a real JavaScript error. Not to worry, our friendly MonsterInsights support team is ready to help. Just fill in the support form below, and we’ll get you help in a jiffy:

Please enter the exact URL of the issue including http://
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