Common Reasons Google Analytics Isn’t Tracking Some Users

Is Google Analytics not tracking a small portion of your users? In this doc we’ll look at some common reasons why Google Analytics isn’t tracking some users on your site.

Some common reasons why it wouldn’t track some of your users on your site include:

  • Some users have opted out of tracking or cookies.
  • Some users have do not track settings set on in the web browser
  • Some users have an Ad Blocking plugin installed in their browser
  • Some users are using a VPN that blocks tracking scripts
  • Some users are using a browser that blocks tracking scripts.
  • Some users have javascript disabled in their browser.
  • Some users have cookies disabled in their browser.
  • Some users are spam bots or other kind of bots.

In some of these instances, you might see that the user clicked on the site, but it might show the users time on site as zero.

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