How to disconnect your GA4 and UA property within the GA4 Setup Assistant

In preparation for the upcoming UA sunset this July 1 2023, you might have used Google’s migration tool to create a GA4 property, or connect your UA property to an existing GA4 property.

The GA4 Setup Assistant is the best way for non-MonsterInsights users to start tracking into a GA4 property while transitioning from using a UA property.

With MonsterInsights, website owners don’t need to worry!

MonsterInsights users can easily track into both a UA and GA4 property by setting up our Dual Tracking feature.

If you are currently using MonsterInsights, and are having problems deleting your UA property, removing an extra data stream you don’t need, or are experiencing duplicate tracking issues on your website, we recommend not using the GA4 Setup Assistant and instead making sure to disconnect your properties at to resolve these issues.

Please follow this guide on how to adjust your GA4 and UA settings to ensure the most accurate tracking on your WordPress site while using MonsterInsights.


  1. You have Administrator Access at the Account level for your Google Analytics property
  2. You have access to both your UA and GA4 properties

Disconnect your Google Analytics properties

Go to and make sure your UA property is selected

Then go to Admin » GA4 Setup Assistant

You’ll see a green “Connected” status on the page. Please scroll down the page to click on Disconnect.

Confirm the change by clicking on Continue.

Lastly, make sure to turn off or disable the option Automatically set up a basic Google Analytics 4 property (if not already disabled).

If these options are grayed out for you, it likely means you do not have the appropriate user level access to the property.

In this case, please reach out to the owner of the Google Analytics property to complete these steps or to provide you Account Level Access to your Google Analytics properties.

Remove Connected Site Tags

Next, it’s best to check if any Connected Site Tags were generated. If there are any tags present in these setting pages for either your GA4 and UA property, it’s likely you’ll have some duplicate tracking issues, which can unintentionally skew your analytics data.

Please check the following in both your UA and GA4 property:

UA property

While still in the Admin page, click into Tracking Info » Tracking Code.

Next click on the Connected Site Tags section

From here, click on the dots to Remove tag.

GA4 property

Next, go back to the Admin page, switch to your GA4 property, and open your current existing data stream by clicking into Data Streams.

Scroll down the page to find the Manage connected site tags option.

From here, click on the dots to Remove tag.

That’s it!

Removing the tags from these setting pages will remove the extra tracking ID or measurement ID instances from your website. MonsterInsights already takes care of inserting your tracking codes for you through the Dual Tracking feature, once configured.