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#1 Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress that’s Easy and Powerful

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress. Here are the features that makes MonsterInsights the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress analytics plugin in the market.

Google Analytics Tracking

Set up proper website tracking across devices and campaigns with just a few clicks (without any code).

Google Analytics Dashboard

See your website analytics report right inside your WordPress dashboard with actionable insights.

Real-time Stats

Get real-time stats right inside WordPress to see who is online, what they are doing, and more.

Easy eCommerce Tracking

1-click Google Analytics eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, MemberMouse, GiveWP, LifterLMS, and Restrict Content Pro.

Page Level Analytics

Get detailed stats for each post and page, so you can see the most popular posts, pages, and sections of your site.

Affiliate & Link Tracking

Accurately track clicks on your affiliate links and other outbound links with our link tracking.

EU Compliance (GDPR Friendly)

Make Google Analytics compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations automatically.

Custom Dimensions

Setup tracking for authors, categories, tags, searches, custom post types, users, and other events with 1-click.

Form Tracking

Instantly measure the performance of your WordPress forms to increase the value from each visitor.

Video Engagement

Track all of your YouTube, Vimeo, and HTML embedded videos engagement to see which videos are most popular.

Site Notes

Automatically add notes to your WordPress dashboard to help identify trends and patterns.

User Journeys

Easily see which pages each customer visited and how long they spent there before making a purchase in your store.

... and Seamless Tracking Integration with Your Favorite Plugins

MonsterInsights offers 1-click tracking integration with popular WordPress plugins and services

  • It just works. Really easy way to insert Google Analytics tracking code and keep it there when switching themes. No need to copy/paste code anywhere. This is the best way to handle Google Analytics in WordPress.

    - Steven Gliebe - Founder of ChurchThemes

  • Analytics for PROs! This plugin brings it all, great features and helpful info to easily see what you are doing.

    - Frank van der Sluijs

  • Simple, yet powerful. Amazing piece of plugin, does exactly what's expected and even more.

    - Matt Jaworski

Top 5 Reasons Why Over 3 Million Users Love MonsterInsights

With over 3,000,000+ active installs, MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. Here’s why smart business owners, marketers, and developers love MonsterInsights, and you will too!

Setup Google Analytics on Your WordPress Site in Minutes (without writing any code).

Before MonsterInsights, you needed to hire a developer or know how to code to properly setup Google Analytics, add event tracking, configure eCommerce tracking, etc. This would take several days, if not weeks.

MonsterInsights makes it “effortless” to setup Google Analytics in WordPress, the RIGHT Way. Simply install the plugin and enable the features you want with just a few clicks, no coding needed!

Setup Website Analytics in 5 Minutes - Get MonsterInsights Now

Get to Know Your Website Visitors in a Whole New Way

With MonsterInsights, you can see useful information about your visitors right inside your WordPress dashboard.

Our Audience Report shows you which countries your visitors are from, what they are most interested in, which device they are using, their age, gender, and a whole lot more.

You can use these insights to improve your overall web strategy.

Unlock Your Website Audience Report - Get MonsterInsights Now

See Exactly How People Find & Use Your Website

Want to see what's working on your website and what's not?

MonsterInsights Behavior Report shows you exactly how people found your website, which keywords they searched for, who referred them, what they clicked on site, and more.

You can use these insights to uncover low-hanging fruits, new partnership opportunities, and the right areas to focus on!

Unlock Your Website Behavior Report - Get MonsterInsights Now

Focus on the Content that Matters

MonsterInsights helps you eliminate the "guess work" when it comes to finding out what content your visitors are interested in.

Our content report shows you exactly which content gets the most visits, so you can analyze and optimize it for higher conversions.

Combine this with our search console report and custom dimensions to be on your way to SEO domination and higher rankings!

Unlock Your Website Content Report - Get MonsterInsights Now

See All Your Important Store Metrics in One Place

Get answers to all your top eCommerce questions from a single report.

MonsterInsights shows you important eCommerce metrics like total revenue, conversion rate, average order value, top products, top referral sources, and more.

You can use these insights to increase your sales & revenue.

Unlock Your Ecommerce Report - Get MonsterInsights Now

Get Better Insights. Take Action. Grow FASTER!

Join over 3 million website owners and start making data-driven decisions to grow your business.

How Can Your Business Benefit from MonsterInsights?

It's Easy to Double Your Traffic and Sales When You Know Exactly How People Find and Use Your Website. MonsterInsights shows you the Stats that Matter! Here is how MonsterInsights can boost your business growth:

Publishers (Bloggers)

... love us because we show them the insights to increase blog traffic and grow affiliate ad revenues.

  • Increase Blog Traffic
  • Grow Affiliate & Ad Revenue
  • Get More Email Subscribers
  • Write Better Content

Store Owners (Ecommerce)

... love us because we show them the insights to help double sales and improve conversions.

  • Reduce Cart Abandonment
  • Improve Conversion Rate
  • Identify New Referral Partners
  • Double Overall Sales

Business Websites

... love us because we help them identify untapped opportunities and needle-movers.

  • See Stats that Matter
  • Unlock Easy-Win Opportunities
  • Get More Email Subscribers
  • Write Better Content

Agencies (Developers)

... love us because we help them properly setup Google Analytics on client sites in less than 5 minutes.

  • Save Time with Analytics Setup
  • Reduce Mistakes and Errors
  • Easy for Clients to See Reports
  • Raise Hourly Rate Efficiency

We Use MonsterInsights to Grow Our Own Businesses

Let’s face it - when it comes to website decisions, most business owners are just “Winging It”.

In the early days, when my business was smaller, I did too. I used my "best guesses" to determine our content, marketing, and frankly speaking, entire web business strategy.

I had my team build MonsterInsights, so I can make informed decisions and grow our business with confidence.

Read MonsterInsights’ Origin Story by our founder, Syed Balkhi

Trusted by over 3 Million+ WordPress sites - big and small

Google Analytics helped us optimize our art marketplace, resulting in 400% year-over-year revenue growth for our art business.

Mariam Naficy, Founder & CEO, Minted

126% Higher Profits

Companies using analytics have 126% profit improvement over competitors.

-- McKinsey

50% More Revenue

Organizations actively using data have 50% higher revenue growth than those who aren't.

-- Dell Global Technology Index

Analytics for PROs! This plugin brings it all, great features and helpful info to easily see what you are doing.

Frank Van Der Sluijs, Small Business Owner

13:1 Average ROI

Investments in analytic solutions returned $13.01 for every dollar spent on average.

-- Nucleus Research

5X More Use

Top-performing organizations use analytics 5x more than bottom performers.

-- MIT Sloan Management Review

Get Better Insights. Take Action. Grow FASTER!

Join over 3 million website owners and start making data-driven decisions to grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about MonsterInsights? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

What do I need to use MonsterInsights?
MonsterInsights requires at least WordPress 4.9 and a modern web browser for viewing the admin. We do not support IE10 or below for viewing the MonsterInsights admin area. Visitors using your site will be tracked by Google regardless of browser.
Does MonsterInsights work on
MonsterInsights is compatible with the platform if and only if you are using the Business plan (which allows users to install plugins). MonsterInsights is compatible with all normal WordPress installs.
Can I use MonsterInsights on non-WordPress sites?
No, MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin, so it will not work on sites that do not use WordPress as its primary CMS.
Can I upgrade my license after my initial purchase?
You can upgrade MonsterInsights at any time from the My Account area of our site.
Can I translate MonsterInsights in my language?
Yes, MonsterInsights and all addons are 100% translation and localization ready.
How do support and updates work for MonsterInsights?
Our users insert a single license key (regardless of how many addons they have installed) into the settings panel, which enables the same 1 click updates you're used to from any other WordPress plugin. Support is available via the Support tab of the My Account page on this site.
Does MonsterInsights work on WordPress MultiSite?
Yes! MonsterInsights works perfectly with WordPress MultiSite, both network activated and activated on individual sites. The automatic updates also work for MultiSite as well.
Do you offer refunds?
If you are not completely satisfied with MonsterInsights after 14 days, you can request a refund and we will give you 100% of your money back – no questions asked.

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