Website Analytics for Non-Profits

Finally, donor and website analytics made easy and powerful!

If your organization is a nonprofit, we’re really eager to support what you’re doing.

We see all the hard work that goes into making the world a better place, and we’re genuinely thankful for the difference you’re making.

That’s why we want to offer you a big discount on our two most powerful plans. We want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed and keep doing the amazing work you’re doing.

A yearly subscription cost of  $139.65 for MonsterInsights Pro

A yearly subscription cost of  $69.65 for MonsterInsights Plus

This is a renewal discount of 65% each year.

We’re passionate about ensuring that every non-profit has access to the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress Google Analytics plugin available.

Here’s your opportunity to join in! Take a moment to complete the application form below. It’s our way of ensuring that your organization non-profit qualifies. 

NonProfit Special Pricing


To help with any questions that you may have about the MonsterInsights non-profit discount, we’ve put together a list of commonly asked questions, you can find them below.

How can I use MonsterInsights in my Nonprofit organization?
MonsterInsights is a tool that can help non-profits understand their website visitor actions, from identifying top sources of your visitors, to tracking donations that are shared via your site. It also helps improve online campaigns and optimize website content for better engagement.

What’s the difference between a nonprofit license and a regular license?
All nonprofit licenses that are issued for MonsterInsights have the same site limitations, Pro having 5 sites, and Plus having 1 site. As well as access to our add-ons and features that are included within the MonsterInsights subscription. To see a full list of available features and addons that are included, you can check our pricing page

Can MonsterInsights help improve content readership and visibility?
Absolutely! With MonsterInsights you can identify your top-performing content and areas for improvement. With insights into popular pages, blog posts, and keywords, you can focus your efforts on creating compelling content that drives engagement and support for your cause.

Does MonsterInsights help with understanding how donators are using our site? 
Yes! With our User Journey and eCommerce addons, you can not only track the donations themselves, but you are also able to track the path that your donators took through your site before donating. This lets you see what your best conversion pages are likely to be. 

You can also use our top sources report, to see how users are coming to your site. This can show you best performing sources or let you know where you might be underutilizing a channel or medium that could be performing better than others.

How customizable is MonsterInsights’ reporting and tracking? 
You’ll find that MonsterInsights offers a great deal of customization for reporting and tracking. It allows you to tailor your analytics to fit your specific needs and objectives, whether it’s selecting metrics or configuring tracking settings. With options to adjust reporting intervals, creating custom dimensions, with the range of add-ons available you can truly personalize your insights for strategic growth and impact.

Plus, our support team is always ready to lend a hand with anything MonsterInsights related to fit your needs perfectly and address any special requests you might have. We’re dedicated to making sure MonsterInsights helps your non-profit organization reach its goals smoothly and efficiently.

What Should I Do If I Still Have Questions?
If you would like to know more about the non-profit pricing for MonsterInsights? We’d love to help! You can contact us via our Contact Page.