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Easily view key stats for posts and pages right inside your WordPress dashboard.

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Page Insights For WordPress

With the Page Insights addon, you can quickly view individual page metrics inside WordPress, without needing to learn how to create filters and views inside Google Analytics. View the following metrics for the previous day and the previous 30 days:
  • Users
  • Time on Page
  • Pageviews
  • Entrances
  • And more!

"This Google Analytics plugin is a must-have for any new and fresh WordPress install. It provides easy to view analytics right on the spot. Best part of all, its easy to setup."


"We are a WordPress website agency, and this has really helped us up our game for managing clients websites and producing our reports at the end of the month!"


"I sent them a question and within two hours I had my answer! I just couldn’t believe how much research Jay did just to help me out with my question. I would give them 10 stars if I could. I am impressed."


MonsterInsights is the #1 WordPress Analytics Plugin

See why over 3,000,000+ websites use MonsterInsights

  • WP Analytics Dashboard

    Easily see the stats and reports that matter right inside your WordPress dashboard.

  • EU Compliance (GDPR)

    Assist with Google Analytics compliance for GDPR and other privacy regulations like CCPA, PIPEDA and PECR.

  • 1-Click eCommerce

    Instantly gain detailed store performance with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress and more.

  • Page Level Analytics

    Analyze every page on your website so that you can optimize your user experience.

  • Powerful Tracking

    Unleash the full power of Google Analytics by tracking user engagement and activity.

  • Custom Dimensions

    View your data in a whole new way by tracking users, authors, SEO keywords, and much more.

  • Performance & Optimization

    Monitor Web Vitals and automatically configure Google Analytics for optimal site performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Page Insights?

Our Page Insights addon allows you to easily view each page’s individual performance, without needing to log into Google Analytics. You can simply click on each page or post inside your WordPress dashboard, to quickly see the key metrics and stats that matter.

What are the benefits of using Page Insights?

MonsterInsights saves you time by making it incredibly easy to view your individual page and blog stats without needing to learn how to create filters and views within Google Analytics.

Is Page Insights the same as mobile page speed insights?

No, MonsterInsights's Page Insights is different from mobile PageSpeed Insights. MonsterInsights allows you to monitor your site's Web Vitals numbers including both mobile and desktop page speed scores inside our “Site Speed” report.

Does the Page Insights addon with Google Analytics 4?

Yes, the MonsterInsights Page Insights addon works with both Universal Analytics (UA/v3) and Google Analytics 4 (App + Web).

MonsterInsights is the Easiest and Most Powerful Analytics Plugin For WordPress

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