Lite Users Support

Questions, comments or concerns? We're here to help!

In order to ensure the fastest response possible, please read and follow these guidelines before using the below form.

Do you have a paid license? If you’re a customer, the fastest way to get help is through our priority support.

Have you checked out our documentation? We have extensive step-by-step MonsterInsights tutorials on our site that might answer your question and list of commonly asked questions. The vast majority of questions we get each day in Lite support are already answered in our Lite documentation, including how to setup and authenticate with MonsterInsights, and how to upgrade from lite to paid MonsterInsights.

For MonsterInsights Lite users, we provide limited support here on this website instead of the support forums. We typically respond to Lite user tickets within 1-3 business days.

In order to help us help you, please:

  • Describe the issue you’re encountering in as much detail as possible.
  • Provide the exact URL where the issue is occurring if reporting a bug.
  • Including a URL to a screen-recording of what you are seeing helps us respond immensely faster generally.

If you have an urgent or complex issue, you can purchase a license for access to our fast priority support ticket system where our dedicated priority ticket staff answer tickets during normal business hours between 9am and 5pm EST, Monday to Friday, offering same day generally, even sometimes same hour turnarounds for tickets submitted during normal business hours. As we respond to all tickets from MonsterInsights license holders first, you can “jump the queue” by buying a license, and in doing so you’ll also unlock tons of new features, included addons, and our legendary paid support team.

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